I wonder how do you find time to train your dog, if you're too busy... How do you improve your dog's behavior when lots of other things fill up a day?

It looks like we find just the right time for our dog - it's dinner time. Everybody is home, and everybody is hungry...

So, our corgi doesn't get her entire potion of food right away, like she used to. She gets just a tiny bit. We know that if she has her complete food, she will quickly finish it and will be begging for more. Instead, we start our meal and ignore her for a minute. First, she's wild and impatient, but eventually she gets calm and polite and ready to learn any trick for a few kibbles. She usually gets her last kibble when dinner is over. She responds great to commands during all this time and we love interacting with her between our own chitchats.

It's a lot of fun and she cannot be happier. When dinner is over, we take her for a walk. It's a win-win for everybody.

I heard some people train dogs during TV commercial breaks, or while brewing coffee, or downloading something on computer… So, how do you find time to train your corgi?


Al ;).

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Creativity is what is needed as well as making training part of ones daily routine. Before my dogs get to eat they have to do a down or sit stay. You can use whatever commands/tricks your dog knows. The same applies before going for walks, getting petted or playing fetch/frisbee. One just learns to incorporate commands within the game. When taking dogs for a walk it is good to work on your heeling only letting them stop or sniff when you choose. This enforces the appropriate place in which you like them to walk. When walking I often add a sit or down, sometimes a stay and walk around them to reinforce the command. I often do a serpentine pattern so I know they are watching my body and following my direction. Walking is also a good time to enforce the "leave it" command as they try to pick something up off the ground, drag you to a certain placy or grumble as a passing dog or person. Any positive interaction is helpful in training dogs. One just must remember to incorporate them.
Well put, Sam. In my obedience classes I am often asked, "How much time should I spend on training?" And the right answer is not "fifteen minutes a day." The answer is to make training a daily, every opportunity thing. If you're at the sink and drop something, there's your chance for "leave it." If you are giving your dog's dinner, there's your chance for "sit" and "wait." You have to go get something, tell your dog to "stay" and when you come back release them so they understand "stay" means they stay until you tell them to move. It's very easy to incorporate this stuff into a daily routine! If one just takes a few minutes in the evening to teach simple commands (and the "Idiots" book on dog training is great), they can be reinforced quite easily!
While like others have mentioned, we use creativity during our daily routine. We also take an hour, just one no more no less just for her. Its usually play time for her but sometimes when she doesn't want to play we make it into training or other things, so she's always interacting with us during this time.

Other then that we get creative like everyone else. We both game a lot and some gamers tend to just ignore their pets during this time... but for example.. like when we used to play WoW (yes yes some people frown on MMOs) during waiting periods with our guild (resting times that can take up to 30 min) or taking flights (its a time where you just sit there for up to 10 min while your characters moves to another location) we play with her. Its also a bonus that she can sit in our laps so she never felt ignored... either just sitting and watching the screen or sleeping in one of our laps while we played. Also when we found something funny in a game or on the net (noises mostly or videos of other dogs) we'd annoy her with em lol. Take the Okami wolf and its howl.. She went nuts!
Cool tips! Thank you for sharing :)

The community on this site is really GREAT!



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