How did you end up with a corgi? Tell us your story!

My wife and I were newly weds, we were not ready for babies so we decided to take on a puppy instead.

At that time in our life, we were living in a 2000 sqft condo, space was limited and so we knew we wanted something small to medium size. We have thought about other dog breeds like border collie, beagle & sheltie. We eliminated them because of the following reasons:

border collie - requires a lot of exercise and we were living in a condo.
beagle - the breed seems to be quite stubborn and can be a real howler.
sheltie - great size and very similar to corgi, but the hair can be a lot of work.

So why did we pick corgi? well, we read alot about the breed, it seems like corgis are very smart, motivated by food, loyal and good with kids. It fit right into our requirements.

So what else am I happy about my dogs? I like that they're not "common". I'm surprised that there are many people who don't know about them and constantly ask if they're pure bred :) I also like the fact that my dogs can handle themselves with the bigger dogs in the dog park. Corgis are very brave and have great stamina to run and herd cattles & sheeps for 45mins nonstop.

How about you? How did you end up with a corgi? why don't you share with us?

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I grew up with German Shepherds with the occasional Lab or Great Pyrenees finding it's way into our family. I've never been without at least one dog in my life and always knew I would have dogs by my side. I've been in love with corgis for years. Starting, as with many people, with Cowboy Bebop. I always thought Ein was such a cool dog. He totally makes Corgis the Rin Tin Tin or Lassie for the otaku set.

After getting married, graduating college and beginning work in vet med I actually got to be around a lot of different corgis. But by this time my hubby and I had settled into our "grown up" lives and careers, bought our first house, then our second bigger house and rescued our first furry kids. Having a soft spot for shepherds I had to take in Brynner (one of 12, mom shot by a rancher who didn't realize she was just trying to provide for a litter of pups behind his barn) and Heston (found starving by the highway, covered in fleas and ticks, terrified of men). The years went by and the sad day came when Heston lost his battle against cancer and we had to help him across the Rainbow Bridge. I still ache over losing him. Months after his passing I felt it was time to finally add a new member to our family, this began my Corgi search.

Much like adoptive parents I put together a killer portfolio to send to rescue organizations. I had info about my experience with dogs and my over decade long experience in vet med, letters of recommendations from veterinarians and technicians I've worked with as well as one from Daze of Camelot Animal Sanctuary whom I've worked with over the years. Sandi with Daze of Camelot even gave a list of character references for HER organization. Knowing how busy rescues are she even offered to do any transport and home inspections. With my graphic designer hubby working from our home office (his work was based out of NYC, but he only had to travel there for business about 4 times a year) we would have plenty of time to devote to a new Corgi. I felt we had a great chance to have a Corgi in need of a forever home placed with us. Pictures of us, our home, our current pets or fenced yard... I thought it was going to be a piece of cake! Wrong.

Denied. Apparently we are not the ideal home in the eyes of some rescue organizations. One did not like that we had never owned a Corgi previously. Some didn't even respond to emails or phone calls. Others got back to us only to tell us the dog was no longer available (yet the listing on Petfinder remained up for several months after) or not right for us since we were in a different state (Idaho isn't that far away from Washington! grrr!). I began to wonder if my hubby and I weren't suitable for a rescue who the heck was?! Disenchanted with rescue I began looking into breeders and found the perfect one after speaking with several. Enter Ashton.

When Ashton came into our lives I knew he was a perfect match for our family. He is such a kick in the head. I just have to chalk up all that heartache with the different rescues actually being a blessing in disguise. If I had been able to adopt a rescue Ashton wouldn't be with us now. Every cloud has a silver lining, ours has a bunny butt. LOL
Thanks Bonnie for reviving this thread! I enjoyed reading every one's stories. My story is an example of how not to get a dog. Our beloved Standard Poodle had died after 18 years of trying to be the perfect dog. He was senile for about 2 years before so it was hard. My daughter was a senior in high school and had decided to go away for college (with MSU right in town I had hoped she would go there like our son did). Facing my retirement without kid's activities I decided we really needed a dog. My husband was not too enthused but agreed if I got a smaller dog. I carefully researched breeds and decided a Pug would be a great choice. My hubby thought they were the worse possible choice! So back to the drawing board. My father had raised beagles when I was young so that was my next choice. There were no beagles to be found! A real shock since there are always beagles available in Michigan! So I started looking at ads in the paper. There was an ad for corgi puppies and Famous Last Words: "let's go look at the puppies". There were 6 or 7 tri puppies, absolutely adorable! That produced Sparty who has been a character from the beginning. He has never attempted to be the perfect dog LOL but managed to steal my heart with his antics. Since then we added Buffy who only lived until 6 and now Izzy who is my husband's little darling. Actually she wants to be everyone's little darlng! My house is never empty even though the kids are grown! I can not imagine not having them.
It all started in a pet shop.
" I know you have the rent to pay and a car payment. Put the puppy down and step away."
This is what I was saying to myself but I never learn.
Well I did even left the store and went to work. It was my boss's fault. He said we were slow and I could have a few hours off.

I went back. And the rest is live with Corgis. 17 years of Corgi love. Scotch, then Andy( sable)and then Soda,
But , Scotch was my boy he was the ring dog in my wedding.
Andy and Soda went to great homes with kids and big yards.
We move to Texas with Scotch.
Scotch lived to be 11 1/2 years old. After he went I could not look at another red and white. My heart was broken.
We got 2 red headed tris Fearghus and Coleen.But they just did not fill the hole and we found them great home.

We move back to Iowa 2 years ago and the the red and white magic started again.
First Meave my Pem with a tail. Then Booty, my hyper girl.
This last fall we added Rhiannon. 4 weeks later we added her litter mate Branwyn. She is a sable.

If you have never had at least 2 corgis in the house you are missing the corgi races, the toys everywhere,the noise,the hair, and cat treeing. If fact you have not really lived.
Then If you are really crazy add 1-2 more.
We could not live with out our girls. We can't have kids and with these guy we don't need any.
We went to see Santa this year and got our picture taken. Something only people with kids do right? Well.......
Hi All! Well I have had corgi's in our family since I was a kid, my first corgi- Brody- My parents got him from a rescue down here in Southern CA. They decided on a corgi because they had a friend at the time that had a ranch and had a couple corgis and said they are extemeley smart and have the cutest personalities. Brody was one of the best dogs we'd ever had, Before him we had a Keeshond- Misty- She was a good girl too. When Brody unfortunatley passed in Early 2008, My Dad really wanted another corgi so they got Dozer, he's a red like Brody was. So, when my husband and I finally moved out of a small aprtment and got a house I knew I wanted a dog of our own, and it had to be a corgi =) Luckily shortly after that there was an ad in the paper for Corgi pups, we answered it and drove 30 mins out of town and picked up our little bundle of doggie joy- Yogi- A tri color male. I don't know how my husband and I spent our time before he came into our lives. Now our lives revolve around him hahaha and its never been better! Cute idea to post this Sam, I had fun replying! Merry Christmas!
My first grade daughter was asking for a puppy. Well we were down to one cocker and she was getting up there in age so we were kicking around the idea. My husband who was a tractor salesman at the time had a dealer who was a breeder of welsh corgis. I researched the breed and since I already wanted a herding breed decided this might be a great fit. Well, Around Thanksgiving he happened to have a litter on the way and we put a deposit on a female. That Christmas Santa wrote a note to my daughter telling her that he had a puppy reserved for her but that she wasn't quite ready to leave her mommy. Santa also left her a book about welsh corgis. By the time our little bundle of joy was ready to come home in early February, my first grader had memorized that entire book!! Little Aggie was the best dog ever! My daughter loved her so much. She died at age 5 from an autoimmune disorder that we could not get a handle on. In the short time that we were blessed to have her in our lives, she touched us so much.
We got Aggie's sister about 2 years after Aggie came to us. Dixie was also a blessing. She also died too young from diabetes. She was 9 years young.
I can not imaging my life without a corgi in it. I will forever be owned by a Corgi. My Cragar and Brody are the light of my life and I am so blessed to share it with them.
We were driving down to ride the dunes on the Oregon Coast and I saw a pair of short legged long backed dogs with big ears walking down a side walk as we were driving through one of the coastal towns. I thought wow!! what are those? and as soon as I got home started researching and found out they were corgis did more research, started talking to hubby and after a year of hearing 'No" brought home Jordan and when my Hubby first saw him I said "meet Jordan our new puppy" and smiled really big . So my two came about by a chance drive by sighting so many years ago.
I first discovered corgis or corgwn (that is the welsh plural) through anime (Ein anyone) like most people my age. It wasn't until my last year in college that I wanted to get a dog. By this time I was over the anime thing and was an active outdoors-y person, but being that I was a college graduated would probably be living in an apartment. I knew I wanted small but something I could hike with. Terriers just seemed to bark to much and also they weren't that easy to train from my research. I also really wanted a working breed because I grew up with gun dogs. It was after a friend bought me a corgi stuff animal of Ein that I started looking back at them. I just loved the mythology behind them, the fact that they were British Isle dogs, and most of all they fit my requirements. So went looking at litters and meeting breeders. I bought books to read on the breed and I will never go back. I love little dog. She can be stubborn, but she listens and she loves to go for long walks and hikes. This summer will be her first time hiking a mountain. I wanted to wait until she was over a year old. She is the best dog ever.
If I said this before ignore me. My husband blue heeler had passed away last September and he was having a hard time dealing with the loss. He'd always wanted a corgi.We rarely see anything about corgis here. But here we are 5 at 1 time.We got Maxie after I got back from nebraska.About midway through December.We were erating dinner and Max wanted to play.We looked at each other and said playmate. So Molly is Maxs buddy I'd give anything for another. so if you hear about one cheap in southern Colorado let me know.
I have always known that I wanted a dog of my own, but I had to wait until after college and after we bought a house. My boyfriend had liked the dog from the show cowboy beebop so he looked up the breed. We started researching it while we were still in our apartment and sat on the idea for a while. The breed sounded like a great fit for us because of their energy level, intelligence, and enthusiasm, plus the ease of grooming and the size. We didn't want a dog we'd have to take the groomer all the time and we don't have a house big enough for a lab to run around! Plus they can't reach the food on the table :).
Oh and about them not being well-known.....I once had someone ask in all sincerity if Nibbler was "a fennec fox-weiner dog mix". Lol! We do have some people here who know what breed they are but if they do they squint at Nibbler and comment on the fact that she isn't fat.
I was never a dog person until I met my boyfriend a few years ago. I had a cat and I considered myself a "cat person" until I saw a picture of a corgi online. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen and made it my mission to learn all about them. I promised myself I would get one as soon as I could possibly afford one.

I ended up moving to Dallas (from Chicago) with my boyfriend and was incredibly lonely and missed my friends. I wanted a dog to keep me company, but my boyfriend wanted to be sure we could afford one. At the time, we were thinking about buying one from a breeder, since shelters don't generally have purebred corgis (unless you get super lucky). One day, I found one online. A local shelter had a purebred female that would be available in a week. I called to ask about her and they said people would be lining up around 5am just for a chance to adopt her and she would go to the first person in line. I begged my boyfriend to take me to the shelter just to look at her and assess her temperament and I'm SO glad we did! She was food aggressive, snappy and not at all socialized. I ended up taking a look around at all the other dogs and found a big corgi (mix maybe? Just a weird corgi? who knows) curled up in a cage all alone. He looked so sad and when we came near him, he perked up and came over and licked us through the cage. One look in those eyes and I knew he was the dog for me. I took him home that night and we have been inseparable ever since. :)
I have always had a spitz dog, a Samoyed, an Akita and a Chow/Huskie mix. I really enjoy their personality and some of their quirkiness. So when I moved back to Taiwan, I still want a spitz dog but I live in an apartment not in a house. So, I looked around for a small spitz dog. Pomeranians are to yippy, Japanese spitz are too white, so there is only Corgi left. They have the quirkiness of the spitz dog with a whole lot more personality!
We very innocently went over to Carrie Hale's when she had a litter -- just to squeeze some puppy fur, y'know, just window shopping -- and when I picked up this one little guy, he looked me right in the eye and said, "Lissen, buddy, don' ask no questions, just take me home and nobody gets hurt, OK?" It was an offer we couldn't refuse.


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