How did you end up with a corgi? Tell us your story!

My wife and I were newly weds, we were not ready for babies so we decided to take on a puppy instead.

At that time in our life, we were living in a 2000 sqft condo, space was limited and so we knew we wanted something small to medium size. We have thought about other dog breeds like border collie, beagle & sheltie. We eliminated them because of the following reasons:

border collie - requires a lot of exercise and we were living in a condo.
beagle - the breed seems to be quite stubborn and can be a real howler.
sheltie - great size and very similar to corgi, but the hair can be a lot of work.

So why did we pick corgi? well, we read alot about the breed, it seems like corgis are very smart, motivated by food, loyal and good with kids. It fit right into our requirements.

So what else am I happy about my dogs? I like that they're not "common". I'm surprised that there are many people who don't know about them and constantly ask if they're pure bred :) I also like the fact that my dogs can handle themselves with the bigger dogs in the dog park. Corgis are very brave and have great stamina to run and herd cattles & sheeps for 45mins nonstop.

How about you? How did you end up with a corgi? why don't you share with us?

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I grew up with Standard Poodles until I was about 4. Then we went on to a Beagle, Boston Terrier, Daschund, and now my mom has two basset hounds. I got my first corgi (Dyddy) after our Daschund got to a Bufo Frog (very poisonous) and passed away.

A friend of mine had a corgi mix and he was the funniest dog I had ever met. After losing our daschund I wanted my own dog, and I had wanted a boy. I found my perky-earred man at a reputable pet store that a friend of mine used to work at. Got him in August 2004.

Our lil puffin-butt Libby we got from the Sunshine Corgi Rescue in April 2009. We decided to get another because we absolutely LOVE the corgi breed! They are lile little comedians with all the silly things they do.


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