My corgi is 7 months old and weighs roughly 20 pounds. He doesn't look overweight (maybe a tiny little tummy but nothing that I am really worried about). Does anyone remember what weight their Corgi was at 7 months? He's a Pembroke. I feed him about a cup of food a day but I read on the bag that dogs his age should be fed 2 cups a day! That seems like a lot of food. I know that what they put on those bags definitely isn't correct (it's usually wayyy too much) but I felt like maybe a cup was not enough. He does get some table scraps, but nothing too bad. Just a pretzle here or there or a baby carrot or just a small bite of what I'm eating. I usually try to limit table scraps because it's not healthy for them but sometimes he's being a good boy :D But anyways, I was just wondering what you guys were feeding your pups and how much you were feeding them.. He's on Purina Puppy Chow Healthy Morsels.

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Smart girl not paying attention to the dog food bags. They suggest WAY too much! Because the size of corgis ranges so drastically I think comparing weights of different dogs may not bring you to the best conclusion. He is going to go through some growing spurts and between a year and two years will start filling out. Best to learn to feel his sides and easily palpate his ribs like there is a light quilt over it. Stand above and look for a definite waistline. If you can do both of these things you are right where you need to be. At his young age it is good to do this frequently.
I would read the ingredients on the bag as well hun.. there's a posting about different types of foods here as well that may be helpful on that subject. How much also depends on what your feeding your pup.

I agree that weight also has to factor with how big boned your pup is/going to be. The best way is to watch and see how his sides look. There should be a nice up dip after their under belly into their legs.. and you should just be feeling the back bone and ribs but they shouldn't be 'rough' or protruding.. then ah...more food is needed lol.

It may take some time to find the right amount but once it happens just check your pup every now and then.. oddly their diet can change over the years many times depending on age... activities.. and breeding. Think about how our metabolism just dies in our 20s *sighs* lol :)
Thanks guys ! He has a definite waist.. I upped his food so if he starts to gain weight then I'm just gonna drop it back down again... And its amazing that Dave and Shannon's pup doesn't eat right away. Winston eats his food so fast, sometimes I wonder if he even tastes it! Makes me realize that Corgis CAN eat themselves to death and that's what I'm so afraid of! But thank you guys :D
Yea I think its just the personality of the dog itself. Roxi will leave her food out all day and take nibbles every now and then. We learned to take it away around 8pm so she doesn't urp it up at night and just add to the amount thats in there the next morning.

Though every now and then we'll have to dump and start new since you dunno how long some kibbles been in there hehe.
Scout doesn't eat his food right away either. I still have to weigh him, though. He's a very big-boned pup, but doesn't seem to be overweight.
Moonmystic and I feed our babies BIL-JAC Reduced Fat. Rudy, Moira & Maddie get fed 1-cup a day. Tank, Ranec & Ayla get fed about 2.5-cups a day. We keep a good eye on their waste lines and adjust their food as needed. Not by much though. We feed a quality dog food because of the ingredients and how Bil-Jac makes their food. They use a lower heat temperature that lets the kibbles retain more nutrition and add the supplements only after the kibble has been cooked. That way you can feed your dog less food but get the same amount if not more nutrition. You may pay a little more for one of the quality foods but it's definitely worth it. I would recommend Bil-Jac (Petsmart carries it), IAMS, etc.


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