Does anyone compete with their Corgis? We do obedience, rally, agility on a regular basis, play around a bit with sheep herding and I am taking a 2 day tracking seminar in a few weeks. Merlin is a big ham and loves any activities with lots of people around.

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I was going to get Roxi into Agility but then I had to move away and Chris doesn't have enough time to do it :(. When we get things in order Im def. going to try again since she loved to go out on the field and do tricks hehe.
My pup is just turning 6 months, so I am begining obedience soon, but I am looking forward to other events. I have been really considering Tracking as my pup seems to be a natural for that. I hope to train for agility as well simply because it is challenging and fun. I've never heard of another Corgi in tracking, but I think it sounds like fun.
Corgis ROCK in tracking! One of my breeders starts her pups at 8 weeks old with a baby harness and beginning exercises. I have started my Merlin (not a pup) and he just loves it-it is kind of addictive.
I met a bear hunter -- a BOW hunter -- at a trailhead in the Cascades. He said his half-brother, a Tulalip (local PNW native people) used to hunt bear with dogs, back when that was legal in Washington, with four CORGIS. "Good noses, unafraid, but smart enough to know when to back off". Hard to believe, but this guy sure looked like he knew what he was doing.
How does one get started in Obedience? I think Al would be good at it.
And what is Rally?
To get started in obedience it is good to find a class. The interaction with other dogs and people and working with an instructor is really good. How much training do your guys have? The pictures of them are gorgeous! I am very jealous of your hiking opportunities.
Rally is an offshoot of obedience but in my opinion much more fun. I am biased-my husband and I have taught Rally at our Obedience club for years. Essentially in Level 1 there are about 33 signs with a basic obedience skill on each-some stationary, some moving. The judge or instructor will write a course with 10-15 signs - the signs are then set up on some sort of numbered stands in order and you heel your dog through the course. Sounds simple (and sort of boring) but it can be very challenging. The cool thing is that with all those possible signs there is a huge number of possible combinations so it keeps your dog on its toes. They must have their attention on you because they never know what is coming next. This is great for Corgis since our little evil geniuses get bored if they are not challenged. The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) was the first group to make Rally a titling sport and if you go to their website you will get a much better explanation. I do many sports with my Merlin but Rally is what I always go back to for skill sharpening. Let me know if you have any other questions.
We want to do agility, but Charlie is 6 month now, and the agility school accepts dogs when they turn 1 year old. So, we have to wait for 6 months!
Have you started obedience training? They need some basics before agility. I recommend a basic obedience class and then some Rally. Rally is l lot of fun and keeps the Corgi brain engaged.
We're going to take a Rally class in the spring, and hopefully an agility class in the summer. We also are going to go to a sheep herding place and see if Gibson likes that :) Probably wont compete in anything though..
I would love to do tracking with Caleb, but I can't find any classes/seminars in my area! Boo!


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