My corgi always wakes up with a lot of eye gook... almost excessive. I know I wake up with some, but is it normal for corgis?

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Roxi doesn't have a lot but our family lab used to.. We just rubbed it right off with our thumbs and she was fine hehe. If its yellow or gooey.. or yes even green you may want to see a vet about it.

Though if not, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your pup is pawing and itching.
A little bit is not uncommon. If there is quite a bit it may be worth a trip to your vet for an exam. This may be a case of conjunctivitis. May be environmental irritants that your dog is exposed to. May be a corneal ulcer. Having a dog that has had three eye surgeries I pay close attention to any changes in the eyes.
Mine wakes up with a lot too, mostly just a dark brown/black pea-sized (or smaller) chuck in the corner of her eyes... I was wondering if it was unsual too but I guess it's not.
It's not uncommon. All of ours have "sleep" in their eyes. If it's hard, you can use a warm cloth. Unless it is gooey, has an odor, or is discolored it isn't anything to be concerned about.


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