I feel silly asking this..... how long do male puppies pee by squatting? Steve is 8wks old and has been squatting to pee. It looks like he started to lift one of his hind leg (ever so slightly) from today. This is my first time having a puppy and my friends don't remember what their dogs did when they were puppies so I'm curious to know what other corgi and puppies owners experienced.

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Well, Brody is 20 months and the first time he lifted his leg was 2 days ago... I think it was because we had gotten over a foot of snow and he hadn't "stomped" it down enough TO squat!. The funniest thing I saw with him was when we took him on a trip out West last year -- really hard to find grass in Nevada, AZ and New Mexico. At one gas station he kept walking around until way around the back he found one little weed he could pee on. He got over pooping on the rocks or sand, but just couldn't bring himself to not have something "green" to pee on. Guess we'd better not move out there, he might have a tough time!
my corgi is 5 months and he just started lifting his leg to take a whiz lol
Mine started at about 3-4 months. I was totally baffled when he first did it, I thought he was marking his territory. Nope. Just peeing!
Skye does that too... the partial leg lifting ...;0)
brodie took 6-9 months. i thought he'd never do it and one day it happened. i actually called my mom to tell her that he had lifted his leg for the first time : )
Hope Brynn never does this ! LOL
My boy, Remmy, is almost four years old and he still doesn't lift his leg. :)
My yogi is 2 yrs old and the way he pees varies. I think it depends on his mood. Normally when we walk him and I think he samlls another male dog pee, then he pees with his leg up. When we walk him with his beagle Mallow (girl), then he pees on her pee squatting down. At the house, he just pees standing up. It's weird now that were thinking about it. :o)
Our corgi Lance is 2 1/2 and he still squats most of the time, he has since he was a puppy. I noticed as he got older he finally started lifting his leg here and there but I believe he perfers to squat. I also noticed now that he is 2 when we are on walks he will lift his leg to leave his mark!!
Hunter has lifted his leg a couple of times, only he does it AFTER he has already peed. Very funny. He doesn't really squat, he just kind of stands and spreads his legs wider. Although earlier today he was SITTING on one foot and peeing! I thought he was just chilling on the floor and then I realize he is peeing on himself. Good times.
Ein, my pem, will be 8 mos old in a couple days and he's only been hiking maybe a month. I think it depends on the pup and how comfortable they are with being/peeing on 3 legs.
My dog is 3 years old and has always squatted. lol anyway not to worry my dog still does it!


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