My gizmo loves hiding things inbetween the couch cushions. We do a weekly sock search, in which we lift up all the couch cushions and find pairs of socks stuffed in the cracks. One day we went food shopping and put everything away, except 1 bag got pushed to the side and forgotten about. It had cans and a package of 6 long sub rolls (hero's for those who dont call them subs!).... we all went out somewhere, and when we got back, we tried tossing gizmo a cookie. He stood there and let it bounce off his nose...and slowly walked away. Later that night, we found a 1/2 eaten sub roll stuffed in one of the brother got blamed...then we found the bag with another 1/2 roll in it stuffed wayyy back in the cushion of another couch...gizmo was verrry sluggish that night... he had eaten 5 sub rolls!

another time, he got into a bag in my parents room that had my brother and I's stocking stuffers in it...a bunch of random stuff..and 2 bags of gummi bears. When we came home that night, the plastic bag in the room was opened...the gummi bears were gone. we found 1 completely empty bag of gummis on the living room floor.... and the other bag, still sealed, stuff in the couch! the little bugger was saving it for later!

also, my neighbors doggy sit him while we are on vacation, and they forgot to pick up a bowl of individually wrapped hard candies from their living room table...they came home that night and the bowl was empty, all the candy wrappers were on the floor, no longer containing any candy. he UNWRAPPED all the little candies.

he also likes teasing US with his toys. he'll hold a toy in his mouth and put it on our leg, when we go to take it and play with him he jerks it away...this continues for as long as it takes us to get it!

are your corgi's as mischeivous as gizmo??

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Rosie is always hiding things between the couch cushions, under the pillows on my bed and in any shoes left laying around. Putting your toes into a shoe with a squishy piece of a treat or chewie is quite an experience. Rosie will also sometimes grab a snack out of our kitties litter box (yuck!). Her very most favorite thing in the whole world is to chase a giant rubber bouncy ball (like you buy kids at WalMart) around and around and around the back yard until she is exhausted or it pops. She also likes to play soccer. Rosie decorated my cell phone with lots of teeth marks and chewed the antenna off.
I think the bunniest one Brody has is when we are traveling. We can be in a hotel room and give him a bone / chew and he will spend hours hiding it and rehiding it. We can watch him trying to push is as far under the bed, or in a corner as possible. After a while he has to move it (just incase someone would come a take it away). If we really want to keep him busy we just "find" it. The look of "panic" on his face is priceless. The last place we stayed he spent quite a bit of the might protecting us from the Pepsi machine. It was an older place and the windows didn't open. Because it was a little too warm we opened the door and used his crate to prop it open and keep him from going out the door. There was a Pepsi Machine glowing bright blue and red - he positioned himself so he could keep an eye on it and little warning woofs (just under his breath) until we closed the door to go to sleep.
Edison occasionally drags all of his bones, toys, pillows and blankets to one pile in the middle of our living room rug. This can be quite the process, particularly when he's trying to move a blanket that he's walking on. We have no idea why he does this. Maybe he's taking inventory. :)
That's so funny, my dogs do that with their bones, toys, from their kennel. When I vacuum( which is about every day..) I pick everything up, put it away, and they painstakingly remove it piece by piece, and scatter it around the house. They will even go in each other's kennel and pick through it and get what they want..
Rosie has a dog bed which has become her toy box and she will dump all the toys out, flip the bed over and then crawl under it and play. I think she is playing hide and seek. Rosie also has to have her nose powdered when I put my face on in the morning. She thinks she is so pretty and has to go and show her daddy how pretty she is.
We live on an acerage and have ducks and geese that have the run of the place Basil used to take the duck eggs and stash them away. We stack brush in a pile and periodically burn it. One night when I Iit the pile Basil started to panic and paced back and forth in front of the pile. I didn't know why until the duck eggs started to explode. Basil had stashed all the eggs in the brush--to snack on at his leisure--and he was in a panic because they were all going up in smoke. Basil had a real talent at biting a small hole in the eggs and emptying them without even crushing the shell.

Basil was a talented food thief as well. I left a bag of assorted chocolates on top of the dining room table-- each variety was wrapped in a different color. We left for a couple of hours and when we came home there were about 40 wrappers on the floor--all green--the color of the dark chocolate mints. Basil had pushed a chair up to the table, jumped up and pulled just the green ones out ,unwrapped them and ate them. I was paniced, assuming he was going to be violently ill, since chocolate is toxic to dogs. He never so much as got the runs. I think he had an iron constitution! He also learned to push a stool up to the counter and climb it like a ladder. Needless to say we had to be very cautious about what we left out.

Lizzie will throw her bouncy ball under the sofa and sit there and cry until someone comes and rescues it. What is it about Corgis and balls?
I love these stories, they are hilarious. My little Max is just 4 months so we are still learning his little habits, we can already see some of them coming out though. He loves tunnels and caves. My son built a maze of tunnels in the snow bank in the front yard. Max has to run the maze after his potty break each time, we call them his "corgi caves",its cute. We are looking forward to more fun Thanks for sharing.
Sam I saw your pictures. I especially like Maxs' little butt as he is climbing in! Corgis really seem to like tunneling. Our kids like to go into the tube under our neighbors lane. It is full of stinky water, which I'm sure is part of the allure. I worry about them coming face to face with a raccoon.
LOL. They DO like tunnelling, don't they? When I call Charlie to come, if I'm squatting down, he comes between my legs and stops "under" me. If I'm sitting on a step, he lies down under my legs in "the tunnel". I can drag my hand under my legs and say "Tunnel!" back and forth. He thinks that's a great game.

I need to get a big trash can and shower curtain and build him an agility tunnel and shoot in the back yard. I think he'd love it!
Lincoln has just started to bring all his toys out of his crate and put them into his food bowl then takes them out ...
I found this hilarious video on youtube... whoever put this video together is amazing lol i love the part where it focuses just on the butt shaking!

you HAVE to watch it!

ok....and this one is just the one i think is the cutest video ever... one scene reminds me of when gizmo was a puppy... we have3 front steps...and when he was really little and just learning how to go down steps, one time he did like a complete summersault down the front steps....and this video shows a corgi fallin down front steps just like mine lol
Louis burys things ALL over the house, it's pretty cute, he has little cookes and bones hidden in the strangest places (between couch cushions..under the back of closets.. seriously how does he even get there?!) Funniest thing is when he steals a bunch of socks JUST to use to hide his treats! And when h'es givin a treat, instead of eating it off the bat (done maybe..20% of the time) he will walk around the house slowly, treat in mouth, whining, trying to find a place to bury his cookie! One time I found his "stash" in his bedroom, he took one of his blankets that was all muddled up in a ball, and buryed random things in there, i found over 10 treats!!! Smart little guy..

When he has his winter coat on or his pj's .. he seems to think he's "invincible" in the snow and goes and tunnels his way through it all and rolls everywhere, then comes back into the house completely covered in snow- nose to tail!

in the mornings we have "cuddle time" and he just goes onto his back intbetween all the pillows and gets his belly scratched and lots of cuddles ... lol he's a funny guy

If I can think of more funny quirks I'll post them up but that's all for now


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