My gizmo loves hiding things inbetween the couch cushions. We do a weekly sock search, in which we lift up all the couch cushions and find pairs of socks stuffed in the cracks. One day we went food shopping and put everything away, except 1 bag got pushed to the side and forgotten about. It had cans and a package of 6 long sub rolls (hero's for those who dont call them subs!).... we all went out somewhere, and when we got back, we tried tossing gizmo a cookie. He stood there and let it bounce off his nose...and slowly walked away. Later that night, we found a 1/2 eaten sub roll stuffed in one of the brother got blamed...then we found the bag with another 1/2 roll in it stuffed wayyy back in the cushion of another couch...gizmo was verrry sluggish that night... he had eaten 5 sub rolls!

another time, he got into a bag in my parents room that had my brother and I's stocking stuffers in it...a bunch of random stuff..and 2 bags of gummi bears. When we came home that night, the plastic bag in the room was opened...the gummi bears were gone. we found 1 completely empty bag of gummis on the living room floor.... and the other bag, still sealed, stuff in the couch! the little bugger was saving it for later!

also, my neighbors doggy sit him while we are on vacation, and they forgot to pick up a bowl of individually wrapped hard candies from their living room table...they came home that night and the bowl was empty, all the candy wrappers were on the floor, no longer containing any candy. he UNWRAPPED all the little candies.

he also likes teasing US with his toys. he'll hold a toy in his mouth and put it on our leg, when we go to take it and play with him he jerks it away...this continues for as long as it takes us to get it!

are your corgi's as mischeivous as gizmo??

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it's so cute to see all the things that bunni does is normal corgi behavior:
-shredding tissue paper/paper towel (i give her credit card solicitations i need to shred)
-hiding treats in couches, under beds, under desks
-squeezing toys against people's legs
-occasionally line up toys, rocks, sticks...
-take socks & destroy shoes...she likes to rip them. if it's too quiet, we know she's up to no good.

she also loves to:
-go "zoom" around the house in a big circle. it's like a big obstacle course for her! she even drifts/fishtails on the hardwood floor.
-play bubbles...she has to pop EVERY single one before it hits the floor
-tear up the carpet in the middle of the night
-sneeze in your face in the morning
-take up the 3/4 of the bed whilst you sleep.
-be cradled like a baby and get tummy rubs
-bite the walls (as a puppy)
-put her butt in your face while you sleep
-when she stays at the grandparents, she poops in the tub so she doesn't have to wait to be taken out. who taught her this? not me. she has a funny joke that only corgis know

it's weird that she doesn't ever cry or whine...only if she's hurts, but mostly cuz she's startled.
I love it!! Gus goes "zoom" as well... we call it his speed bursts. He'll just take off in a dead sprint suddenly and run in circles around the kitchen table or coffee table or back and forth down the hallway between bedrooms! We have hardwood floors as well and he looks like a cartoon character when he takes off, with his little legs scrambling for purchase!

Gus and I also play tag in the kitchen and living room around the island and the coffee table. He has figured out that if he reverses his direction around the island that he can catch me!! As soon as he "catches" me (gets close enough to jump up for a second) he turns around and dashes off... watching behind to make sure that I'm chasing him too! Play continues until the human is too tired to run any more. You can see a short version of tag on the video on our blog. Gus was playing tag in the backyard with his "daddy"!
Ginny is fascinated with the tub/shower right now. She can't get in it, but she puts her paws up on the edge and looks in likes she's trying to figure it out. She'll drop her ball in the tub and then cry and cry because she can't get it back out. If I'm in the shower, she's messing with the shower curtain. Then when I get out, she "helps" dry my legs off by licking them.

She also loves licking ears. That's her favorite way to greet you if you pick her up. Goes right for the earlobe and nibbles on it a little bit, with her little butt wiggling the whole time. Especially loves Grandpa's ears (I think he must not clean them enough, so she's helping him out...)

Shredding toilet paper is also a favorite activity. Have had to keep the t.p. up on the counter to avoid that.
She's so adorable. I just love her little habits.
Rosie bypasses the toilet paper for the paper cups in the bathroom waste basket. I think she likes the waxy coating on them.
Between running crazy circles around my apartment for no reason, standing up on other dogs to be taller, tunneling through snow, playing "keep away from mommy/daddy" with all of her toys, I thought Rory was just a weird dog. After reading this I realize...She's just a normal Corgi :0)

It's nice to know she's actually normal!
hunter digs on random things too!
he digs on the sofa and on my bed and some times on the kitchen floor.
Gizmo is a nut!! I love how he hides things in the sofa, Tucker would if he didn't just EAT whatever he finds immediately!

Our Girl corgi, Trixie True Corgi Detective, was the BEST at eating everything she could in about three seconds. Despite her little frame, and the fact that her best weight was likely 24 pounds, she dreamed daily of being HUGE and strove for it her whole corger life.

FOR instance, I came home one night and I looked at her and thought..

"she looks...bloated"

So I wait till Chris comes home a bit later and he says...

"She's totally bloated"

so we scour the house looking for any explanation, empty bread bag, unstuffed pillow. NOTHING. Not a thing.

So we go to the vet and he say...

"That corgi is bloated" (yes, we pay them for this sharp diagnosis) and he adds...
"Lets see what's in there."

They can't do it right away so we leave her there and wait for a call.

about an hour later they xray the girl and call us to tell us ....guess what, she's full of FOOD. yep. FOOD.

We are literally hitting ourselves on the head looking for what this girl could have eaten that would bloat her so much that she looked really dangerously ill.

So while they are making her throw up a bit (gross I know) becuase she needs relief, we stalk around the house and try to be better detectives. I stalk into the kitchen and see my husband standing staring a brand new unopened 25 pound bag of cat food, that is sitting on a high stool. I start to stare at it as well.

We both stare for a few more minutes and then Chris just moves the bag an inch, and out from the bottom corner, out of a little corgi-standing-on-hind-legs to reach and fang open made hole, pours cat food.

We weigh the bag. It is only 20 pounds. SHE ATE FIVE POUNDS OF CAT FOOD.

So we call the vet and say..."um, yeah, well, we figured out...she ate around, well, five pounds of dry cat food."

I hear the vet tech put her hand over the phone as she repeats the information to the ENTIRE Office. When she comes back on the laughter is quite loud.

"Five pounds huh?" she says.

"yeah" I say back.

She giggles her way off the phone.

I look at my husband and think out loud.

"She couldn't have eaten it all."

"TUCKER?" we both call

But he doesn't come. Becuase he is laying on his side on the dining room floor, lightly panting, his tummy bulging with his two and half pounds of kitty kibble. His fluffy fur made it difficult to see, until he rolled over and showed his melon like belly. Yeah well, we decide to let him just suffer that one out. he was not in an distress, he was just REALLY full.

You see now why she was called Corgi Detective. NO food went unfound.

Even so, I don't think Trix ever forgave us for robbing her of her biggest haul.
oh my goodness!!!! haha last christmas, (well, a few days before xmas) gizmo spent the night at the doggy emergency hospital... my parents bought a box of chocolates for our neighbors and left it on their bed, with their bedroom door shut. we all went out. got back, their door was opened a crack, and low and behold, the candy box was shredded with not a bit of candy left in sight. so we took him into the emergency animal hospital along with what was left of the box to see how many oz it was ( i dont remember, it was a lot) where they gave him charcoal, made him throw up, and stuck him with an IV overnight. luckily it was a mixed box of there was a lot of milk and white chocolate in there, which isn't quite as bad as dark chocolate (still toxic though at certain levels!) aaaand of course he didnt learn his lesson, he came home from the hospital the next day and immediately went lookin around in all the rooms for somethin to get into!
OMG!! I am laughing SO hard!! That is hilarious!!
Badger loves to tease us with toys too!

My favorite quirk is that he CANNOT let anyone sing alone--he must "bark" along at all times. He loves the "Monk" theme song (we all sing together), Jimmy Soul's "If You Wanna Be Happy" (featured in "Mermaids"), and, of course, "Happy Birthday."

When he was only a few months old, I accidentally left him out of his crate while I ran an errand. When I came back, I discovered he had destroyed a box of tampons (left in a suitcase on the floor of our bedroom). I wanted to be mad, but by the looks of the mess he had had a really fun time. The picture of him running around shaking them by strings was just too funny!
hunter likes to roll on stuff, stinky stuff in particular.
once we walked him on the shore and he rolled on a dead fish.
but other times he just rolls around in the grass and makes piggie noises its adorable.
eww dead fish! i live on a dead end that is right next to some woods so we get deer in our yard in the winter...and gizmo prefers to roll in deer poop! luckily in the winter it is usually frozen and doesnt make too much of a mess on him. but he also likes rolling in cigarettes that he finds on the street...LOVES them. any other dogs have a thing for cigarettes here? lol


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