louis was sick all yesterday.. not eating and throwing up bile.. now he just heaves and kind of eats it back =S .. I'm super worried so I'm taking him to the vet to make sure everythings alright... thank god for pet insurance!! Turns out if I had taken him to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, thats 195$ off the bat JUST to see him, then $155 for an Xray ... thank you pet plan! now I just have to pay a 100$ Deductable . But ya.. hopefully everything will be okay.. His tummys making these churning noises like when you have really bad gas or something .. =[

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Hope Louis will feel better soon . :)
How is louis doing? did the vet find out what happen? keep us updated!
I hope Louis is feeling better. I will keep you guys in my thougts and prayers today. Lots of healing thoughts!
Poor little guy! I hope Louis will be ok. Good healing thoughts are being sent your way. Please keep us posted.
So we went to the vet and louis came out in good standing, docs said he was perfect in health with no known problems, and they think it was just some "Acid reflux" and an upset tummy.... Good news is that he got an acid reflux needle, and came home and started eating again! a whole bowl of food! =] I was soo worried that it was something super serious because Louis was acting completely out of the ordinary,but I guess like humans dogs can get tummy aches too =] hopefully everything is completely cleared by tonight !
Hey, happy to hear that! I'm sure you're relieved. What's an acid reflux needle? I never heard of that before. It does seem like lots of Corgis have a stomach acid problem, and throw up water/foam in the morning. A bisquit or other small snack right before bed seems to help.
they said it was a needle that acted like giving a dog some pepcid AC or tums.. WHICH they actully told me was okay if your dog was experiencing vomiting or heaving bile... who would have thought..pepcid AC for dogs lol.. but they told me to give him some pepcid AC 10 mg tonight 1/2 before eating then to repeat sat. morning but he seems fine now, he ate as soon as he got home so i think i'll zilch on the drugs =]
Good news it is! Glad to hear he is eating.


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