I'm sure toys get destroyed in all of your houses as quickly as they do in mine, but I thought I'd share my thoughs on where to get the best toys. TARGET. for a few reasons...1, their prices are awesome. I've never paid more than $7.99 for a nice big toy at target, meanwhile, you walk into a Petco and can easily spend $20 on a toy that will be destroyed next week. 2. Target toys seem to be able to stand the roughness for a big longer than the very soft, plush, fancy shmancy toys from Petco and other Pet stores. Dont get me wrong, I still be gizmo to petco to go bone and toy shopping every once in a while, mainly just so he can pick his own out. But otherwise, Target is my toy store of choice. They have these big animal toys, with rope arms and legs, and squeekys in them. Gizmo lovvvves them. When he does eventually destroy them, it is usually in the form of ripping all the limbs off. But then he looooves playing with the limbs! So on any given day, you may find donkey feet, dragon legs, and random torsos around my house! There's a pic of him with his dragon toy in one of my pictures, all the toys i get from there are like that, with the rope legs, in fact I even buy multiples one of the same one, just so I have them on hand when it comes time to replacing a old one.

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Another Vote for Target! Nothing beats "end of aisle" specials :) I love the portable crate and bowl they have, stylish and reasonable priced.
One of the best toys I have ever bought and it has still not been destroyed is a rubber chicken squeaky toy from Target. I thought it would be a goner within days, but they play with it constantly and it is still completely in tact. Funny to watch them walk around with the rubber chicken. Legs sticking out one side of the mouth and the head the other! I do love Target. We also have bits and pieces of destroyed toys, but they continue to play with the chunks long after it is no longer recognizable! So funny. They love the stuffed toys, but the main objective with them is to gut them out and leave the white fluffy innards scattered around the house and a soggy empty carcass on the furniture.
Funny, I read your post earlier today and then just happened to be at target later on...I took a walk through the dog-toy aisle and found this really cute moose, it was a ball with rope and a squeaky head. I brought it home and Rylee had a blast with it, now however, there is a mose torso in my bedroom, a moose tail in the livingroom, and moose head stuffing and pieces all over the kitchen LOL.
At least he had fun :)
haha, that sounds like Gizmo's toys. Does Rylee love playing with all the limbs as much as he does playing with the whole toy? Gizmo loves his legs, arms, heads, and torsos that he leaves around the house lol
He loves the parts more than the whole things..he's been running around with an antler in his mouth all morning haha
A really good source for toys, even cheaper than Target is "Pet Edge". They are a wholesaler that sells to small spet businesses and groomers. They have specials, like 99 cent toys and most toys don't cost over a couple of dollars, unless you want the larger, fancy kind. timmy destroys the toys within a couple of minutes, literally. I buy like 10 or 20 at a time and then hide them away to bring out when I feel he needs to "kill" a toy or as a reward. LOL
I get 88 cent toys at Wal-Mart! Bella still has a couple of them, the others have been destroyed by the four dogs.... They aren't fancy, but as long as they squeak or have rope on them, she loves them.

I also cheat, and get free toys... My boyfriend's mom sells pet supplies at flea markets and has a little store. Lol. Flea markets are a good place to get pet supplies though.
I also cheat. I occassionally raid my girl's old stuffed animals. They don't last long, but it is fun to watch them dismantle them!
Hmmm - who knew, Target hua? I will have to give their toys a try - thanks for the tip!! Oh - P.S. they have really adorable and inexpensive halloween costumes there in the fall too. They are good quality and last year were only $9.99! :-)

I have one of those dogs that still has most of his original toys! I spread them across the living & dining room and in the morning he has gather up some and have them together...herders!
gizmo is sort of the opposite...we gather up all his toys and put them in a little basket so the house isnt a mess...then he goes in and pulls them all out, its really funny to see him nose through the basket in search of 1 particular toy, its like he has it in his head the exact one he wants
I have found it worthwhile to walk through the pet section at Big Lots from time to time. I've picked up enough of the "name brand" toys for one or two dollars there, to do an occassional splurge on a full-priced pet supply store toy. I've also found a couple great deals on eBay.


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