I just picked up Rambo up the other day to clean off his paws after a walk and noticed some patches of greyish spots on his belly. Is that normal as part of the puppy growing process? I wonder if it can be an allergic reaction he got from something or he's eaten something.

Have you encountered anything similar with your Corgi? I will go visit the Vet for a quick check up so its not something serious.

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That's certainly not uncommon in Corgis and nothing to be concerned over. It is similar to human freckles or birthmarks. Charlie's belly still has lots of gray. The roof of his mouth is also pink with gray splotches.
Apollo developed some freckles on his tumtum as he grew up. it seems prettyy normal. Daphnes is covered in them, and she even has one shaped like a Heart. I hope it stays that way/


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