as all of you may know i have been having trouble finding a good food that my dogs like and is healthy. I think i have finnally found it. it is called Natures Recipie.
They seem to really like it. we usually leave the food on the ground in the kitchen, they have never bothered it at all. but when we came home and put it in the same spot we usually do all 3 of my dogs like jumped on it trying to rip it open and get the yummy goodies on the inside.(i did remove it from the kitchen) and when i finnally gave it to them i have never seen them eat so fast, and they were following me around giving me there paw, rolling over, speaking, sitting at my feet, look o so cute. (tricks they know always gets them food) (i always give them dog food for a treat). but i didnt give them any treats for all this begging behavior. otherwise i would have really fat, begging pups on my hands. but please tell me what you think of the food. i thought it was good but i would like to know about your opinions.

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That looks like really good food!! Anything without corn or wheat works for me!! I feed Canidae and it has worked good for me. I am looking to change it up a bit for them so I am going to look at that food!!
Nice quality ingredients. A little bit grainy (2nd, 3rd, and 4th) ingredients are all grains, which suggests the meat content might be a little low. You could supplement the protein by giving bits of unseasoned beef, chicken, lamb etc as treats. Inclusion of Omega 3 and Omega 6 are great for healthy skin/coat. Overall, looks like a good choice.
Good choice! Maybe my opinion is a little biased because that's the food I've chosen for my corgi pup as well. Can't tell yet if he likes it, but we'll see when he comes home next month. =) It took me two hours of walking around my local Pet Club to finally decided on this. It's reasonably priced, has good quality ingredients (for the most part - more so than half to 75% of the food I looked at) and is readily available (they have it at petco too)!!!!!!!!! I agree that it might be a little low on the meat side - but yepp, I agree with Charlie's comment - Just boil/steam some chicken up and supplement with that or any other meat and it should be fine. =)
just woundering has anyone heard of authority? that food also looks good but it was a little priceier, by liek 1 dollar but i couldnt choose between them


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