I was wondering what's a good thing to feed dogs that are vomiting. I've heard that and meal of boiled chicken and cooked rice is good, but I wanted to be sure.

Scout got sick a few nights ago in his kennel (he probably had to go out really bad and nobody heard him). And this morning he had too much cheese too early and got sick again. He's doing alright now, though. He's been resting for most of the day. I took him on a few short walks (we met another corgi that lives just across the street, but that's a different story).

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Gonzo recently was sick with diarrhea. I had a recipe containing rice, chicken, sweet potato, and yogurt, and he did wonderfully on it. I can find it again if you'd like, but I'm not sure how well it would work with vomitting.
My vet also recommends a rice and chicken diet. I have also heard that canned pumpkin helps settle their tummy.
Charlie had a few bouts of diarrhea (no vomiting) when he was younger and my vet approved 1/2 boiled skinned chicken and 1/2 steamed rice, plus Kaopectate. He usually cleared up in 24 hours.

You should call your vet to see if they think you should put him on a bland diet, or give him anything else for upset tummy. If he's back to normal today, you might not need to do anything...except maybe hold off on the cheese or other rich treats until you're sure his tummy is settled.

Are his stools normal? If he vomits again or has more than one symptom, definitely call the vet for advice.
A friend of mine owns a yellow lab who was vomiting and not passing any stools at all. A trip to the vet revealed that he had ate a whole dish towel. He had to have surgery to remove it and now he is his old bouncy self again. My first corgi had a very sensitive stomach and would get gastritis if we weren't careful. The vet would put her on ID prescription diet for a couple of weeks and then we would gradually wean her back to non-prescription food.
mine had somethin with his stomach a while ago, dont know if he ate unidentified object from the woods near my house or what, we brought him to the vet and they gave him somethin to settle his stomach and todl us to feed him some hamburg and rice... i think we boiled the hamburg so it wouldnt be all fatty or something, im not sure, dont remember... but i do know it was just plain old hamburg and rice
Out of curiousity... why not onion powder... or is it just onion in general?

Reason I ask is we have lots of wild onion growing in our backyard and Rolo likes to nibble on clover and onion. Should I discourage him?
here are a few short articles about onion toxicity in dogs, i just googled "onion bad for dogs" and there were a few good results....



i also read this somewhere....Onions are life threatening at 0.5% of the dog's body weight. A 45lb dog would only need to eat a medium sized (3" diameter) onion to become seriously ill. Symptoms may not be apparent for 3-5 days but once they start, become devastating rapidly
.....also, although it may take a lot for it to be life threatening, any amount of onion will always cause some sort of problem inside the dog, its just a matter of how much does it take for it to be apparent.

Also....here are 2 good sites that list food & other stuff that is bad for dogs, the first one gives a list of how much of what type of chocolate is especially toxic.

I've been worried about the wild onions too. They always come out this time of year, then get smothered out when the lawn grass greens up. Charlie likes to "taste test" everything green that grows. He does not seem to like the wild onions as much as sweet grasses (I've seen him nibble, then look like "yuck" and move onto some other vegetation), but I'll be mowing down the wild onion tops this weekend.

To Kaleena's point, I think for a 20 pound Corgi, 1/10th of a pound of any onion, could be a toxic dose. That's not a whole lot.
Pepto bismal chewable tablets (two) you have to make him swallow it. My mom does that too me and i let her since i know it helps my tummy. Lots of water from boiled chicken breast until the vomiting is over helps encourage fluids!
wow, thanks all for the onion advice. I knew about chocolate being bad for dogs but I never heard of onions being toxic for them!
yeah grapes, onions, chocolate,garlic coffee alcohol...
Thats just off the top of my head.
grapes, too????

Gosh... I'm surprised my poor dogs are still alive :/ I definitely have not been in the running for puppy mom of the year... (hangs head)


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