Any suggestions training a corgi when it is ok to bark and when it is not. Max is barking at everything. When he hears a noise(all the time), when we are eating and he wants some(not allowed), when he wants to play on his terms. When we tell him "no bark" he gets more aggressive. We start Kidnergarden tomorrow, so maybe that will help. Just thought I would see if any of you have had success with a specific technique.

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For the barking at food issue.. while Roxi doesn't bark at us... her uh.. grandmother who babysat her a couple times for us taught her that people are really good at handing out free food..... So we started having a begging problem after wards.

This may help you out but try and teach him 'Out!' whenever we say that to Roxi she'll run out of the current room and lay down outside the door. All we had to do is repeat out while walking her out of the room, have her wait and go back to what we're doing. After a moment we went back to her and gave her a treat saying good girl out :)

It doesn't completely cure the begging because you can still feel her eyes on your every move lol but sometimes she goes off and does something else and it makes guests feel calmer being away from the stare.

Maybe if he's distracted by doing a command or away from the food it'll stop his barking if he's not near what he's barking for. or.. you know make it worse and make him bark louder across the room... :/
Sid barks at the guy down the street who has a motorcycle or the kids who ride on bikes and skateboards. . . .but as soon as they pass by, he stops barking. . .while he's jumping around barking Babs and Cloe bark at him. . . .gotta be a boy dog thing!!!. . . . .LOL
My 5 month old has turned into a barking monster. My husband is more patient than I am, but I spend more time with Caden during the day and i'm losing patience. When we are outside and he is barking at me to throw the ball, the turn around and ignore works,... but if we are inside the apartment, and Caden hears something outside, in the hallway, dogs on the tv, the microwave dings, etc.. ignoring doesn't work. Leaving the room and closing the door, doesn't work.
(Thankfully he is fine with the vacuum and the coffee grinder)

We've taught him quiet and speak. Quiet works maybe 10% of the time. The trainer at his puppy classes says to be sure reinforce quiet through out the day. "Good quiet, good boy." When he is laying down in the morning or sitting in the kitchen.

We have done training 'drills,' where I would knock on the outside door, and my husband would let him bark once or twice, then ask him to be quiet... and we won't open the door until he does so... that's had some success.

I still don't know how I feel about the spray bottle. Isn't it negative reinforcement?

And I know he is a puppy but he has proven to us how smart he is and I don't want him trying to rule the house.

Don't know how much longer my ears can take it.

If Caden is barking at a noise or something specific that isn't related to you, try getting his attention. By bringing his attention away from the thing that is making him bark, you are effectively stopping the barking. Try talking to him and playing with him for a couple of minutes while the distraction goes away. Hope that helps!
Thanks for the response. (Fan of your blog, btw) We definitely have tried that and it works sometimes... he'll still have some of those, what i like to call, aftershock barks.. He gets so worked up and it's like a bark reflex. But there are times when it's very hard to break his focus... coins in a can.. dropping things on the floor... he'll stop for a second and then resume the barking. He'll even ignore his super favorite tug toy to keep barking at whatever it is out there. And when HE thinks he is done barking, he'll play with his tug, arghhh. I just have to remember to take a deep breath, count to 10... get some ear plugs. And as I typed this, our sweet little boy has fallen asleep at my feet. ~C
Hehe. Definitely get some ear plugs. My trainer taught Theo to "listen". Basically when I quietly say "listen" and touch my ear, Theo is supposed to stop what he's doing and give me his full attention. He learned it in about 10 seconds. Basically I would say listen, touch my ear, and when he sat and looked at me, I would give him a treat, all the while staying very calm. Basically he learned that when I tell him to listen, he gets a treat, the idea of which always gets me his full attention. Hehe. Maybe that could help. I know what you mean though. Sometimes Theo really gets obsessed with what he's barking at. Sometimes I have to hold his muzzle and ask him to please stop barking.
I used the "quiet" technique. At the beginning I'd let him bark and when he stopped I'd tell him "quiet... good boy" use the clicker (if you are using clicker training) and give him a treat. He's beginning to associate that he doesn't get anything when he barks and at the same time his intinct should take over if someone is at the door. Let him bark two, or three times and try to teach him quiet.
I had this problem in my new apartment. Junebug barked at every little noise at first. I tried negative reiforcement, but that only intensified the barking. So I cooked up some chicken, and started creating noises that bothered her. Knocking on the door was a biggie. I started very simply, knocking softly, so she could see me, and said "Shhhhhh". The moment she stopped barking, I rewarded her. Basically, I just taught her the Quiet part of Speak and Quiet. Then I would test her with more and more difficult challenges...loud knock, random knock, knock from outside, doorbell, people talking. I just had to be ready all the time for a few days with my chicken! This excercise created a positive association with all the noises and now she is much less reactive to outside stimuli.
I was just about to post for help and see it's been done for me. Jack is a bark freak! He doesn't bark all the time, only when he comes in the house (excited) and at the Vet (apparently annoyed which is very embarrasing). I've been trying the ignore method with no success. During the last few days I have been making him sit and then I simply hold my finger to my mouth and say, "sssssh" quitely. I make sure he's making eye contact with me the whole time. It has worked a few times, but I am looking for better ways.

I'm going to try the spray bottle next!

When I only had one Corgi I use a device called a Barker Breaker. It worked like a charm emitting a faint high pitched tone. My dog assocated barking with the unpleasant sound and stopped barking with a few days. I don't want to use that now because I have two dogs and am afraid to give mixed signals the my "good dog". :)
All three of my dogs have suddenly decided they don't like the neighbor dog, whom they can only see through knot holes. So they bark extensively at it. Very annoying. I usually have to call them all into the house and close the doggy door so they can't get out. We had used a bark collar a few times on KC and she learned quickly and all you had to do was threaten to put it on. But the puppies decided one day that they didn't like it and they got ahold of it and took it outside and chewed it up. lol, I have to say that I seem to have some very smart dogs.
I was doing a web search on Corgi bad behavior and found this web site...
I was hoping to find some way to help our new dog Toby remain part of our family. My husband and boys do not like him at all.

Our neighbors are upset at us and I just found out yesterday they call him the BARK BOX.. I was told by one neighbor that she can't let her dogs outside if he is out there because he gets her dogs barking and she does not want to teach them to bark like Toby.
We have been told that he barks more when we are gone than when we are home..
He also talks all the time and is very vocal . This drives my husband and boys crazy. Especially now since my boys are out of school for Christmas Break and they want to sleep until noon..
We have a good schedule and Toby is finally sleeping through the night.. He sleeps in a Kennel in our Bedroom.

The first thing he does when he wakes up every morning is bark until he is let our of his cage and fed...
After that he jumps around with so much energy. I feel sorry we do not live on a farm with sheep for him to herd. We do have lots of squirrels and deer and he loves to run along the back rod iron fence and bark and chase them.

He usually stays with me in the house unless I am gone then I put him outside so he won't destroy everything in the house.

We adopted Toby when he was 6 months old. He is 11 months old now..
I know now that I made an awful mistake adopting a high energy Corgi.

The day before we adopted Toby, we had to have Rosie our 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback / Lab Mix. put to sleep . .She was a sweet and wonderful dog even though she had been abused and was found malnourished with a collar that had grown into her neck.
She never pooped or peed in the house.. She did not bark unless there was a reason and she never chewed or tore up anything in the house.

The very next day after Rosie's death a friend thought she was doing us a favor and gave us one of her many dogs.. .
She thought Toby would be a great dog for our family..
We did not do any research on what kind of dog would be best for our family before hand.
We have a daughter who was adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine. She is 10 years old and has Fetal Alcohol Spectum Disorder. She has many emotional issues and needs lots of my time and energy too.

Toby will tear up her toys,if he is not watched like a hawk. He also jumps and nips on the back her legs when she and her friends run .
I have tried everything I know ... I use the spray bottle and the can with coins to stop the barking. I have read everything I can on Corgi's. I tape the The Dog Whisper and also the tv show It's me or the Dog and try to put into practice all the steps they use to help the dogs with behavior issues.
We have done two sessions of obedience training..
He get a walk each day.

He is very smart and he can sit and stay. He can alsoroll over, come etc He will stop barking most of the time when I say Quiet and do the sign language that Victoria from It's me or the dog..
I make sure that he has play dates with other dogs . I take him on walks etc.

.. He is really smart and will do almost anything if he gets a treat after he completes his task.
BUT only if he gets a treat...
... We had him fixed three weeks ago because he was marking the whole house... He has ruined two Oriental Rugs. I keep him on a lead tied to my belt when I am anywhere besides in my bedroom or in the kitchen tied with a long lead to the bottom of a bar stool.
He will potty when ever he wants to even after he had just gone to the bathroom outside... When we took him to be fixed he peed two times at the Vet's office on two occasions. He also did this at Pet Co four times the last time we went..
... I always correct him as he is doing this but it does not seem to make any difference.

He is very strong willed and jumps on our beds,couches .chairs ... He also, nips the back of our legs etc..... I am at my wits end and was wondering if you had any suggestions... I have been watching the Dog Whisper and the show It's Me or the Dog and have been trying all the ideas they give.
But still Toby can't be left alone for a second.. He sneaks upstairs and pees on the beds, poops under the ping pong table his favorite place and then comes back down stairs and acts like he has done nothing wrong.

. He barks non stop and my husband told me he is ready to take him to the pound...
We bought a shock collar and it does not work .. He has too much hair on his neck or he doesn't care if he is getting shocked.
.. Our neighbors are getting upset because he barks non stop when we are gone.. We usually leave him outside when we are not home because he would destroy the house if he was left inside.. I do have a kennel but he hates it and that is why I usually leave him outside.
I was just wondering if you had any suggestions that I could use to try and help him remain in our family.. We just saw the Movie about Marley today . I cried so hard.... I am still upset because it brought up so many raw emotions... I am hoping that Toby could end up being a Marley dog that the whole family loves inspite of the fact that he does bad things...
Any suggestions are welcome..
Thanks so much.,
Memphis TN
Don't leave him outside!! He could be overcome by the heat, get out or even be stolen. Leave him inside in his kennel during the day when you are all gone. He will get used to it. I think you need to explain to your neighbours, he is just a puppy and he is still learning AND remind them as, (supposed) dog lovers, that their dogs were once puppies too. My dogs have "marked" my vet's office at least a hundred times. Think of all the other "love notes" left by other dogs. I'm pretty sure Vet's offices are used to this as is Pet Co.
Corgis are herding dogs, they herd sheep by nipping at their legs. Your dog is herding your daughter......
Dogs are smart and can sense things we cannot. He may sense she needs someone along to keep her safe and be her companion. (just a thought)
Yes, Corgis are stubborn, strong willed and can be bossy. They are also very smart, loyal, clownish and a great family member!! You have to just show him whose boss, you.
If you no longer want Toby, contact a local Corgi rescue and make arrangements to surrender him to them. They will make sure he is placed in a home that is suitable. The Pound/Shelter is not a good place for him. Most are NOT no kill.
I have to say, all of the bad behaviour you are commenting on is just typical puppy behaviour.
Good luck!!


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