Gonzo always wears his collar and tags. It's really not an option for us to take his collar on and off all the time (he wears a leather belted collar). But he has a large grey area on his chest fur from his tags rubbing against it, either from dirt or the color coming off of the tags. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

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after some minor research:

1) go for silver over brass
2) paint dog tags with clear nail polish and let dry
3) rubber/plastic protective Key rings (if the tag is not too big)
4) try those plastic beanie baby tag protectors (if your dog tag is in the shape of a heart!)

hope that helps!
I think the tags that are doing it are the city-issued tags, and they didn't give us a choice of what we wanted. I think I will first try the clear nail polish. I'll probably have to reapply that every so often, right?
yea I am thinking so, I've never tried it! But it shouldn't wear down too fast! Good luck! =P
I think the clear nail polish is a good idea, but might peel off pretty quickly. If you try it, let us know how long it lasts. Also, do you think it's the tag or the metal "S" hook? Charlie's tag is green, but the hook has turned kind of gray.

I'm thinking maybe a can of clear-coat spray paint wouldn't wear off very quickly, and a can would probably last 5 years.
I tried the clear nail polish, and it either made no difference or actually made it worse! So I am going to order one of those things that you put the tags into and slide onto his collar.
I know it's the tags, we don't use an S hook, the dinginess is right where his tags hang.
We got our tags from those vending machine form petsmart and they didn't rust, but the chains around their neck are getting rusty, so Mocha's chest has a brown "halo" now :(
Hi Sam,
Maybe it's time to buy your Corgis new collars. =D
Hey that looks pretty good. Does it get in the way or anything? I wouldn't want a big bulky thing on his collar.
I was wondering why Lola's fur looked so dingy! I couldn't figure it out!!! We don't keep her collar on her at all times, so it doesn't happen as often. Would using a plastic tag work??
We had the same thing happen to Bryson's tag, and it seems to rub off more when he's been to the beach (salt water reaction?). Anyway, we took it back to the store, at first they gave us this tag silencer pouch, which worked but was a bit bulky. Then they asked us to wash it in soap and warm water. As simple as it is, that got rid of the problem completely. Good luck!
We use the same tag pouch. We initially bought it because the noise of the clinking tags scared our housecat, but it is also great for keeping the tags looking good too.


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