Gonzo always wears his collar and tags. It's really not an option for us to take his collar on and off all the time (he wears a leather belted collar). But he has a large grey area on his chest fur from his tags rubbing against it, either from dirt or the color coming off of the tags. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

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I bought a tag off of boomerangtags (http://www.boomerangtags.com/) and I LOVE it. I couldn't stand the dingy look or the noise so I bought the kind that slides onto the collar rather than hanging. I used one of the lines to put her rabies number and her city registration number. However, some cities won't accept anything but the actual tag that is issued. Nonetheless, I HIGHLY recommend this company. They were very quick and high quality.
I use an ID tag that slides onto Rosie and Rocky's collars. They don't wear any other tags since I had a dog once that played with her tags and I found her with the collar lodged in her mouth like a horse's bit. Since then, no hanging tags on my dogs. I got the slide on tags through a couple of auctions on ebay. They were inexpensive, in a variety of colors and came in a couple of sizes. Measure the collar width and ask the person you are buying from which of their sizes will fit on your width collar. There is usually room for 4 lines of print. The ones I bought have the info engraved into the tag. You can also get brass tags that you attach to the flat part of the collar with metal prongs. They work great if the dog is done growing and you won't be changing collar sizes. I just make sure if I am travelling to take their rabies info with me since they don't wear their rabies tags. My dogs are also microchipped.
Check out this website. I thought these looked pretty nice because they won't make noise either which can be really bothersome to some dogs ears.... http://www.boomerangtags.com/page.php?c=collartags&k=h
that same thing has happend to my little Kirby. His beautiful white chest fur has a dingy gray spot from his tags. Neither tags look old but they are rubbing on his fur. I dont know which one could be causing it..i got the tags from the city on him, and I made a cute dog bone tag with his name on it from Petco..When I bathed him it was really hard to get the gray out from the tarnish.
The easy way to avoid the byproduct of corrosion on your pets neck is to just purchase Stainless Steele everything. Even the little rings that hold the tag to the collar. We dont have "City" tags here, but if something questionable must be used you can always get it SS-coated for about 3 dollars. SS can also be anodized to just about any color and it will not rub off.
Thanks for all of your helpful replies everyone.
I ended up ordering a Pet Pocket ID holder that slips onto his collar. http://partipoodlepetsupplies.com/petpocketid.html
I only ordered one, but they sent me two.
After a few weeks, we noticed that Gonzo's dirty spot was disappearing. It's completely gone now!
We have his rabies tag and city license tag inside the pocket, and a regular ID tag from Petsmart that still hangs from his collar. It works great and isn't even that noticeable and Gonzo has never made any sign that he doesn't like it.


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