I send you my Easter Greetings and warm good wishes for a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere as it has been celebrated for hundreds of thousands of years by all the living entities which have composed our ancestors and their environment.

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Thank you! Does anyone here celebrate Easter with their corgi(s) in some way?
Happy Easter and Spring to all fellow corgi lovers on this website at this time and their corgi(s). :) Spring is always so perfect! :D
Happy Easter and Spring to you too!!! ((BIG HUGS))!!!
(BIG HUGS) to you too!
Awww when I get to I'll be that annoying mother who puts the ears on her :)

I'll love it and she'll hate me for it Bwahahah! *evil mother plotting*

hey I gottah make up for lost time!

Happy Easter to you all!
You make me laugh! :) Mwwwaaawhhhhaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Is how you do it!


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