both of my dogs eat the same food, same amount, similar activity level. My male corgi is slim and fit, however my female corgi is having the hardest time to lose weight. Our Vet recommended us to feed her twice with half a cup each, hopefully that will stimulate her metabolism.

Does your corgi need to lose weight? any tips to share?

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I just switched the kids over to Newman's Own Organic. They are slimming down and not pooping every 2 hours. Much better than that nasty Science Diet. Who knew? Glory's breeder said she should be slim enough that I can feel her ribs. That seemed a bit extreme to me, but it hasn't been a problem so far. Nunzio was a roly poly pudge until I switched the food. He's looking great - he's 8 years old and looks and acts like he did when he was 3!
Well it was just by chance that I read through this discussion, but I am sure glad that I did!
Lily has not been eating as she usually had a few weeks ago, and I was worried. Her eating got a little better, but not back to normal. After reading this, I went out to feed her, and cut up half of half a banana to see if your ideas worked for her. All I have to say is WOW! I have never seen her eat like this. She ate every piece of banana out of the bowl, and did eat a few of the dry dog food. I am going to have to look into this more, but I am definitely sure that she will get more bananas in her diet. Thanks to everyone who posted about the fruits and veggies.
Kitty is a year old and I feed her one half cup of kibble twice a day.She,also, gets apples,cherries,broccoli,cucumbers ,salad greens. She is slim and healthy and has a waistline,plus a beautiful coat.
ck out "thehonestkitchencom"
its wheat and gluten free
My Corgi was 28 lbs a month ago and the vet said that he should 4 lbs. A different vet said he was fine as long as he stayed under 30 lbs. I put him on diet food anyway by Nutro and have been walking/running with him everyday for 30 to 90 minutes a day. He is now down 2 lbs. I still only give Hunter 1 cup of food a day.
1 cup once a day by his choice .. he did gain some weight after he was neutered :/

we always have food around, but at our dinner time, he will eat by myself.


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