We've noticed this morning that there were some dried pus-like material on Bryson's pad. And when we flipped him over, we noticed that there's this thick, whitish/greenish pus oozing from his penis. I'm worried about a UTI, and we made an appt with his vet (not till tomorrow a.m. though...)

Does anyone has any experience with something similar? He hasn't been acting unusual, and he's drinking water/peeing normal so far. We're taking him down to pee soon, will take a look at his urine and see how it looks...

Any advice?

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OK, I just saw the other thread Viviana started just a couple days ago about the same topic! Sorry for the duplication...

But I did just found some info online from petlovers about this subject:

"Preputial discharge may consist of blood, urine or pus. The normal dog should have no discharge, although a small amount of whitish-yellow “smegma” can accumulate around the preputial opening, and is not considered clinically significant.

There are many potential causes. These include:

Disorders affecting the prepuce, including neoplasia (cancer), trauma, foreign body or inflammation of the penis/prepuce (balanoposthitis).

Disorders of the urethra, including neoplasia, trauma or stones (calculi).

Disorders of the urinary bladder including infection, calculi, inflammation or neoplasia.

Disorders of the prostate, including infection or inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), neoplasia, enlargement (hyperplasia), cyst or abscess.

Bleeding disorders (coagulopathies) including decreased platelet count (thrombocytopenia) or ingestion of rat poison

Urinary incontinence (inability to hold urine) secondary to an ectopic (abnormally placed) ureter or improperly functioning sphincter (tissue that acts like a door, controlling the release of urine).

The presence of preputial discharge most often suggests an underlying problem, ranging from a mild, relatively benign disorder, to a severe, even life threatening disease (such as a coagulopathy)

What to Watch For
Swelling or inflammation associated with the prepuce/penis
Excessive licking
Any discharge
Lack of appetite"

OK, I'm really scaring myself now. I'll try to stay calm till we see the vet tomorrow. Wish us luck!
Lots of luck sending your way! Keep us update :)


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