I just moved to Nashville from Dallas where we had a corgi meetup. I was sad to find out there wasn't one here. If you are in the Nashville area I would love to form a corgi meetup. I know there's corgis out here, I've met at least 3 people who have them. So now it's just a matter of getting them all together!

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Hi there!

We live in Murfreesboro (about 45 min East of Nashville) and I think it's a great idea to start a Middle Tennessee Corgi Meetup. There's a lady in my neighborhood that has a rescued corgi and I am friends with some other corgi owners in the area on Facebook so you are not alone!
Aw, I'm about 4 hours east of Nashville. If there was a little compromise I'd be able to come down with Regis :)

PS- I just moved here from California! :) I'm in Jonesborough!
I'm just seeing this old thread! I'm right outside Murfreesboro, so close to Pam and you Kristin. I'm sort of shy in person (look much better in print, LOL) but I think a meet-up would be lovely!

I have heard there is a Bark Park in M'boro, but don't know where it is - and am sure there must be at least one in Nashville too.
I live in Memphis, but regularly visit Nashville, please let me know about your next meet-up!
Hey Guys! We are in Nashville and would love to do a corgi meet-up, we often go to the dog park in centennial but we could go anywhere in mid-tn! There is a place called dogtopia that has playrooms and they do breed meet-up groups! Let me know if anyone is still interested I could help arrange something
I can never find the Centennial Dog park. I always drive around forever and we end up going to Shelby Dog Park. Can you help us find it?
If your coming from 440, head into town on WEst End AVE, take a left on 31st ave N (where the wall greens is) go a little ways(you pass about 2 or 3 streets) and you will come to a sign that says centennial dog park, take a left here (there is a left hand turning lane) this street is parthenon place, keep going , you will see the "big dog" park on the right, take the first little street/driveway on the right this will lead you to a parking lot and the "small dog" park where we do our meetups!
thanks! i appreciate it! we would always circle centennial and never find it
we are open to a corgi meet up, we did one this afternoon

This is a few years late, but I'm interested in a meetup! I have a corgi mix who lovessss to play!

There are several here in East TN. We talk about it but never have yet. There is a TN/KY group on this site also. I know there was something up north of you, i think at clarksville, tn last fall. Maybe we can do something beforelong. My two are always up for a frap and run -n-tackle


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