She did very well and stayed overnight at the vet. I picked her up today and she was so happy to see me. She seems to be feeling fine but the vet sent home a couple of days of pain medicine so she won't be uncomfortable.
So the question is: How do you keep a Corgi quiet and not active?!!!! I let her rest in her crate some today and also gave her a big rawhide bone to work on.

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No easy task. Usually within about three days they feel right back to their old selfs. Running and jumping are big risk factors post surgery as this can tear the suture line. Leash walks are usually great and offer them an outlet for their energies. Confinement is important when they can not be supervised. Keep an eye on the suture line for any swelling, oozing or extreme redness. Also check to make sure she does not try to remove the sutures on her own. Most heal quickly with no issue.
Thanks, Sam. We are about to go on a walk now. She seems bored so that should help use up a little energy. The incision looks good this morning so she must not have bothered it last night.
yea we were having issues with Roxi being overactive and then she started picking at her stitches..

so one thing led to another.. and being a smarty pants ended up with her having a cone and feet wrappings lol.

needles to say she pouted until we could take everything off after a few days so that helped a lot lol.
Did she start picking at them right away or did it take a few days? Bonnie hasn't done it yet, but I wonder if she will if it starts to itch.
I believe it was the day after, she kept trying to 'clean' them so it was more licking then pulling.

.. then she figured out her hind legs reached the center of her belly after we got the cone and it was all over :(


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