My corgi has a strange fear of people going into water. He barks and runs back and forth and he will try to nip you when your going in, as if he were trying to save me from drowning.
the weird part is, Hunter will go into the water himself and not have a problem.
How can I calm him so we can swim in the pool in peace.

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my first reaction is that he is more wanting to play then trying to save people. Im not there to see it so im unsure.

secondly I would treat it like any bad behavior and tell him no! ignoring him wont work because your hopping into the pool anyways lol. I would use this as a training method, if he reacts while anyone is even near the water.. sit with your feet in the water and ignore him like you would if a dog is barking, jumping till he is calm then praise him. I would also use the time out method if he doesnt react to this either. depending on what you personally like to do.. either tie em up or crate him everytime he does it.. though I would def. try the ignore, no method first.

these are my only suggestions.. Im sorry Im not anymore help lol
this is not playful he cries like he is being beaten if he sees me in the pool I have to get out a comfort him because I feel like he is having some sort of panic attack or something.
How about this?
If none of the other posts worked for you, you can also look it up in the internet and it might have some helpful advice, you can even consult your vet if you feel it becomes unmanegable.
Hmm... Lola did this when she couldn't find a way into the water to be with us. She paced back and forth and cried so much I had to get out.Especially when we were splashing around and playing. She freaked out and jumped in to save us I guess??... Once she was in she did awesome swimming around and no more crying. Maybe try getting him in the water with you when you first get in. Sorry this wasn't much help
This sounds like an anxious/excitement behavior. Many corgis run and bark when there is this type of activity in the pool though few seem to express a truly "anxious" behavior. I would try putting him on lead at this time and giving him a command such as sit or down. If he starts to bark and moves I would give the command again and treat as soon as he complies. The movement expressed by people in the pool often raises the excitement level in dogs. The same holds true with children running and playing, swinging and such.
If you are unable to control the behavior it would be wise for you to put him inside when the pool is in use. This behavior can often escalate if he is allowed to continue. You may also consider getting him a lifejacket and just letting him join you.
As always I would encourage you to consider a training class in your area as well as increase his "controlled" exercise outlets. I suspect there are some other similar behaviors brewing but not to the level the pool issue is. Good luck.


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