What are some cool tricks that your corgis can do?

I haven't tried too many things, but aside from the usual sit, down and stay, I have taught Oliver a few fun things...

We play catch with a tennis ball (and he'll bring it back to me and put it in my hand), he gives kisses on command, shakes your hand, gives you high fives, plays dead, and rolls over. The kisses are the best - although I've been poked in the eye by his nose a couple times!

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We taught our corgi "round 'em up" (we throw three balls and he herds all three back to us) and my husband has just moved onto Frisbee, which is more difficult because of Taylor's wee legs. We took "shake" to a whole new level and taught him a high five in which unsuspecting visitors can get knocked over if they aren't prepared for the corgi-awesomeness of this running high fiver. Taylor can also catch cheerios from across the room. Compared to other dogs we've owned/known in the past, he's such a quick learner!

Good luck :-)
Cool, using the natural built-in herding behavior on tennis balls! I can't wait to work on this one. Do you ahve any suggestions about training it?
Hi! We actually didn't have success with tennis balls (he'll bring back one, but would rather chew it). The only toy to have survived Taylor's puppyhood are these balls, called Hol-ee Rollers:


The trick is that he can hang them off his eye teeth; it's pretty hysterical to watch.

We started with one (just regular fetch), then started throwing two (we'd show him the two in our hands together and say all the good commands so he knew we wanted them to be together). My husband devised the "round em up, bring em back" command so Taylor knows when to search for more than the one ball. It took a lot of patience, but eventually the dog would bring back two (separately) and then started bringing them back both in his mouth. Now he can do two (it's been about a year since we started) on separate floors of the house (I'll throw one down the stairs and one in another room) in no time at all. He's still perfecting the art of three :-)
Does the corgi herd the balls by pushing them with its nose or paws?
He uses his nose, his paws and ultimately gets them in his mouth to bring them back.

We have hardwood floors and he runs so fast after the balls that he slides past and sometimes over them.
Al is an incorrigible ball hog. I throw 2 tennis balls, so Gwynnie can have one, but he'll chase her ball while his own is in his teeth, and he'll try to retrieve both at once. It is so comical! One ball in teeth, one in paws. He'll drop the one, and pick up the other, can't make up his mind!
That's hilarious, it was so random but I started rolling over with laughter!("The kisses are the best - although I've been poked in the eye by his nose a couple times!") Well to answer the question my dog can stay, sit, play soccer, fetch, eat sticks!, come, shake hands, give high- five, play ballon- volleyball, lay down, get his leash, play hide- and- seek, go between legs, stand on his legs, jump, open his cage door, jump through hula- hoops and understands all the commands in spanish and english.
You have a bilingual dog? That's awesome. I think I've accidentally taught mine to spell, as he looks at me suspiciously when I ask my husband if he's taken Taylor on a w-a-l-k.

How'd you manage training your dog to get his leash? I can finally get my pup to lay down for me to clip the leash on him... before now the sight of the leash caused spontaneous insane dog running circles.
Trudy loves to do tricks as well, especially if there is a treat involved. We have her do tricks for her bed time biscuit and this is soooo funny. I need to take a video of this. There is one video of her doing tricks for a kong/peanut butter treat on YouTube if you would like to look at it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiO5BJ_uoyU.
Trudy is beautiful and so full of life! What a hoot!
Hi Bridget - thank you very much. She is a sweetie. I'm sure you will have some great times with yours.

Hi Apryl - I'm glad you started this discussion. My Sadie is almost 5 months old and I'm just starting to teach her tricks and was also wondering what tricks others have taught their corgis. Sadie is now an expert at "shake" (hands) and "down" (lay down), and just yesterday we started rollover. She seems to know this but doesn't like it as well because it requires quite a bit more work/energy than just shake and lay down. It seems to take about 2-3 days for her to really know and understand what I'm asking her to do. I've been using cut up pieces of snow pea pods for her training treats. Anybody see a problem with feeding those to her? I've tried carrots too but she's not overly fond of those. I think we'll try the "bang" play dead one next although I'm not sure if I'll be able to get her to lay still for any amount of time! I'd also like to teach her to stand up tall and raise her paws up high like a "big bear". With their long backs, would that be hard on a corgi? I need to keep adding things to her routine because the other day we went to show someone at work her two tricks (shake & down) and after shaking hands she just immediately went down because she knew that was coming next! It was really funny! I'd also like to teach her to go get her toys by name like ball, bunny, raccoon, etc. Has anyone had any luck with trying that? Thanks, Shelby & Sadie


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