I don't have a Corgi of my own yet, but plan to get one this summer. I've done a lot of research, read a lot of articles, as well as many discussions on various online forums and blogs, but one thing that I have hard time finding good information about is a good list of similarities and differences between the two Corgi breeds.

From what I've read, the differences I found so far are as follows:
- Cardis are slightly bigger (taller/longer) than Pems
- Cardis always have a tail while Pems maybe be born with a natural bob-tail or have it docked at a young age
- Cardis also have larger, rounder ears than Pems
- Pems come in red/white, sable, or tri colors, Cardis come in all of those, plus various brindle and merle variations
- Cardis are generally said to be more calm, while Pems are knows for their hyperness

If you have anything to add onto this list or to correct it, please do reply. I'd love to hear thoughts on personality differences especially since that's not as obvious as the different looks.

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Pembrokes are awesome!!!

I am sure cardigans are too...but PEMBROKES ARE AWESOME!!!

: )
They sure are! I think I'll be getting a Pem myself, but Cardis are great too I'm sure. Maybe I can have one (or more) of each some day =]
Yeah, Cardis are cute and Pems are cute, but in the end...that little bear butt of the Pem gets me everytime! YAY Pems!
As an owner of 2 cardi's, I think you will find that the owner's of either pem's or cardi;s are absolutlely in love with their dogs and the breed they chose. I have heard that pem's are more hyper but cannot speak to that with experience. I know from this forum that the pem owners adore their dogs as much as i do mine. The Cardi is a very loyal and fun dog, easily trainable and is great at herding and agility. I have a male and female, and they are as different as night and day. My male is truly laid back, except when someone walks near our door - then he is in full on attack mode - until they come in and it;s nothing but love and kisses. My female is pure energy, but is actually the easier to train of the two. My male is a b/w and my female is a blue merle - I spend most of my time explaining why my dogs have tails....... Best of luck to you and beware the hair!
Speaking in generalities the pem is typically more outgoing, a bit more active and considers themselves the life of the party. Cardigans are a bit more aloof, take a bit more time to warm up to new people, some have more of a tendency to be shy. I do think males are generally much more laid back and tolerant then females. I think you would do well to visit some dog shows in your area and watch both breeds of corgis in the ring. Spend a few extra dollars and get a catalog. This will list the owner and breeder of these dogs which may give you some good info when you start looking. Traditionally reputable Pem breeders do more genetic health testings then Cardigan owners. Cardigans are not bred in the numbers that pems are so you may have a more difficult time locating a breeder.
For anyone considering a cardigan, the following info may be helpful with regard to genetic testing: http://www.cardigancorgis.com/prastatus.asp. This info can be found at the cardigan welsh corgi club of america's website:www.cardigancorgis.com, as well as other useful info on the breed.
I would love to have a cardi joinning our present pem family :) I miss the pem not having a tail, i think the tail is such a crucial part of the body language. It allows the owners and other dogs to better understand their mood :)
Sorry We're Pem People all the way. That nontail works its magic everytime.
Generally speaking your list is just about right. But as to mentality, the difference is bigger between individuals than between the two races, I think...

We have 5 Cardigans - and no one is just like the other. Frodo - our first Cardigan - is just as outgoing as any Pembroke. He loves everybody. Saga is the most intelligent one in the bunch - our alpha-bitch. She likes people too, but she doesn't exactly jump all over them (like Frodo).

Frodo and Saga

Try to meet some individuals of both races before you decide if you want a Pembroke or a Cardigan.

Of course we prefer our Cardigans - as well as most Pem-owners prefer their Pembrokes. Good luck in your search!

Fromax kennel in Sweden (Cardigans)
Thank you all for the replies. Yes it's definitely true that every dog is an individual, their personalities vary, and often there are exceptions to generalizations :) It's still good to hear the different opinions. Thanks for all the links, will be adding them to my growing list of bookmarks!
I have met a few Pembrokes and I absolutely adore them, but I can't find any Cardigan owners in the area so far. The closest breeder in the Cardi Club directory is almost 3 hours away, and I'm pretty sure the closest place for a decent dog show would be a bit of a travel as well. At this point, I unfortunately don't have a free day to spend traveling that far yet, but I will continue looking and really hope to be able to interact with both breeds before I set my mind 100%.
I prefer Pembrokes. I think they're cuter with shorter legs, no tail and the pricked up ears. No offense, but the Cardigans ears in my eyes are kind of ugly. Maybe it's first impressions- the first cardigan picture I saw was of a blue merle and I ended up thinking, "Is that a dog?". Since I have no corgis I can't talk about personality. I wish I did though. *sigh...*
I think I'm beautiful...
Today as well

as when I was a puppy.

Tina (Cardigan)


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