I would like to start Pumpkin on a vitamin supplement since she's now 61/2 yrs. old. Do any of you know or use one which will not put weight on her? I feel she may need a supplement for bone strength at this age. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Sounds like you may be referring to a joint supplement? There are many supplements that contain glucosomine/msm. I use glyco-flex for my crew. There are many other options available. Many use the human form that one can purchase at Walmart.
Is there a good holistic vet in your area? Holistic vets are usually very well-versed in dog nutrition and supplements. A consultation might be really interesting and informational.
Hi, as a dietitian I can tell you that any type of vitamin / herbal supplement (like glucosamine) won't put weight on a dog as they shouldn't contain any calories. I don't know which would be best for your dog, but as long as there isn't carb (sugar or starch) protein or fat in them there shouldn't be any calories and so wouldn't cause weight gain.


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