Pa'ani is 2 years old and Im thinking about neutering him. I wanted to in the past, but he had to have surgery when he was under 6 months old because he had an undescended testicle (yes it is awkward to write about it). We were really scared that it was cancerous, but, thank heavens, it wasnt. Since that scare I didnt want him to go through the stress again. Now that hes getting older hes starting to get a little aggressive towards other dogs that approach us on walks. Hes also starting to mark. I feel that I need to neuter him in order for the aggressiveness to stop. The only reason that is holding me back from neutering him is that Im worried his personality will change. I've heard both positive and negative issues about personalities changing after neutering at such an old age. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences in this matter?

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In all honesty it was recommended but I was so worried about it being cancerous that neutering my puppy was the last thing on my mind. Im glad to hear there were no personality changes in the dogs you've encountered. thanks for the advice!
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another reason: crypt orchids (undescended testicles) are genetic and if he was to ever breed a female there would be a good chance of him passing this on to males in the litter.


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