Hey Everyone,

We were thinking about getting this for our babies.... has anyone tried it or heard anything?


Christina & Vicki
Dingo & Mimi

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I've seen that ad and been wondering the same thing too! It looks so easy... I'm deathly afraid of trimming Bryson's nails... Would love to hear from anyone who's tried it!
It looks like a great tool...Dremel tool with a guard, and a compartment to hold the "dust". We haven't tried it, but it looks like a winner.
Watching the uh... very interesting video on it the other half made a good point in asking how this product stopped you from going too deep as well. While grinding is better Im sure grinding may hurt more if you go too deep ;)
I just ordered it on the 5/3. . .haven't received it yet. They told me I would receive an e-mail when it actually shipped, can't wait to try it out. . .with 3 Corgis I figure in 1 and 1/2 mths, it will have paid for itself (I ended up buying the Elite Peticure). . .it's their latest model. Here's the link if you want to check it out. . . .if it turns out the way they describe, my babies will be happy campers. . . .
Have you gotten it? How well does it work? We all know how much Corgis love to have their nails trimmed. We all would love to find a better way. Is this it?
Please let us know how this works for you, we all are in the same boat.
When Blaze got his nails trimmed last month, this is what the lady used. They didn't grow as fast as they usually do, but she did advise me to take him for a walk on cement when we got home. (to even them out) When they did get long enough to trim again, they weren't sharp at all, like when they clip his nails. As for whether or not it bothered him, I was in the other room - sorry guys. But the owner of the grooming place was such a cute old man - all excited to show me this "new tool." I oohed and ahhed accordingly. :)
Yes, it's fantastic. You need to get them used to it slowly however. It took about a week for the corgis and 3 weeks for the pulis to get used to it. I just turned it on and put it on the floor while I got them to sit and gave a treat- then progressed to sit, treat- while moving the peticure over their feet. Then one paw- one treat- and so on until everybody was used to getting treats with the funny buzzing machine.

Cool. . .just got my e-mail that it is shipping. . .can't wait to try it out. . .I'm sure it will be better than the clipping method that has been used for years. . . .
Have you had a chance to use the peticure yet?
Once those who have ordered the nifty tool... let me know how it is. My friends and I were also curious. Thanks!!
We ordered ours on 6/2/08 and are still waiting for it.
once it arrives (6-8 weeks) I will let you know if it is worth it


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