Hey Everyone,

We were thinking about getting this for our babies.... has anyone tried it or heard anything?


Christina & Vicki
Dingo & Mimi

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I ended up buying a cordless dremmel (on sale). It was great with my Rat Terrier Cosmo, but with Nala..... I am still working. But definitely, no more clippers!!! Right now Nala is allowing the dremmel close to her "on", but she doesn't allow it close to her paws. I will keep working on it.
I just bought this for my Katies befoer CHristmas, and she LOVES it!! Boy what a GODSEND this Pedicure is for us! Katie used to squirm, and fight me all the way.
Be careful, the 1st time she heard the sound of it running she was very squirmy.
But luckily I read the directions completely, and dogs will be curious, and if approached correctly with Pedicure, they will not be afraid.
I take a bag of her treats and set it on the couch arm, and get the pillows ready for Katie. and turn it on. she lays so nicely, sometimes she falls asleep. and when all finished she gets her treat.
so simple!!
I do her nails now every sunday and Katie cant wait!!
no more squirming.

THe only thing is the trimmer heads and so expensive to replace. I bought ours in the store, and only got 1 extra head. I hear if you order directly from the company you get more heads.

good luck! if any questions, let me know!
yes, and it works !
Not sure if there's any difference between the peticure and petipaw, but just fyi: it's 9.99 with free shipping on buy.com


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