Does any one have any suggestions on how to help Ozzie out with the pain from recieving his shots? The first time we took him for his shots, after we got home, he could not put pressure on his back leg, yelped in pain when he was touched, and while laying down and even sleeping, he just trembled. I called the vet and they told me to give him Benadryl in case he was having a allergic reaction. It did not help. I just think he was in a lot of pain. Any suggestions on how to help the little guy out? He has to get his rabies shot next week.

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My vet gave Charlie all of his puppy shot injections on his back around his neck and shoulders. He was tender for several days when I tried to pet or brush him, but I would think that was easier than if they injected him in the leg (which he is obviously going to use to stand, walk, play). I'm not sure there is much to do about the tenderness from immunizations, but I would ask your vet if there is any reason not to inject at the shoulder, instead of his leg.
I will be sure to ask if they can inject him around the neck and shoulders. He will probably not be as sore ( I hope) Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestion with Ozzie and his shots. When we went to the vet today, I asked them to give Ozzie his shots in is shoulder area. She did, and he seems to be having no problems!! Thanks to all who responded!
Depending on his size and age, you could start by giving him 1/2 of an 81mg safety coated aspirin and repeat same dosage in 4 hours if pain persists, do not exceed a total of 81mg in 24 hours. I suspect he is still very young so 1/2 tablet might take care of the problem for 24 hours. Feel free to call the emergency vet and double check with his weight. NO TYLENOL!
Thanks, Ozzie is only 15 weeks old and weighs around 9 pounds.
I work for a vet and my boss always gives shot just under the skin between the shoulder blades on the back of the neck. She never gives vaccinations in the muscle. When shots are given just under the skin it may sting and/or itch for a few hours instead of hurt like Ozzie did. Was Ozzie given his vaccinations into the muscle in his leg? If so ------OUCH! Poor little man. Hopefully, if you ask your vet will do the vaccinations differently - good luck. If not, then I would pick a different vet.
Yes, he was given his shots in the muscle in his leg!!! I felt so sorry for him. He was so pathetic looking when he couldn't walk. He just sat there and trembled. I am going to ask the vet to give the shots in his neck area this time, I don't want to have him in so much pain again. Thanks !
I didn't know they still did that. I remember that many years ago they would give the rabies shot intramuscular. Ouch!! My vet now gives shots under the skin in the shoulder area. Also, rabies shots go on the right side and the boosters go on the left side. This way if there is a reaction, they'll know which vaccine caused the problem.
Poor puppy!!! Brody figured out that the "cookie" meant another shot and despite being a big piggie wouldn't take the treat before the shot after the 2nd one. But he wasn't sore like that. My dad's a vet and unless there's a specific reason the shot needs to be in the muscle, he always gave them just under the skin on the scruff of the neck
Well, Ozzie made it through his shots just fine this time! I requested that they give him his shots on the back of his neck area and they did. He whined for a little bit and that was it. No problems when we got home!


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