Ok...so I try to brush my corgi for a few minutes every day (when I'm home anyways, I live in ny, he lives w/ my parents in Mass)...brushing every day helps...to a point. Today I broke down and bought a $40 small furminator. I really didn't want to spend the money, it seems like an insane amount for a dog brush, but I just had to see for myself what I have been hearing from everyone else who has one....

oh. my. god. that is all i can say! normally, when you pat gizmo, loose fur comes off with every stroke.... I just spent about 5 minutes on him with the furminator, and no fur is coming off when I pat him now!! The size of fur ball on my living room rug looks like i shaved a golden retriever! haha Gizmo loved it, he sat there with a big smile on his face the whole time, so obviously it didnt hurt. You just will not know what it's like until you try one. it is UNBELIEVABLE. thats the only way i can describe it!!! And he even LOOKS better. He didnt look bad before at all, but I dont know what it is, he just looks BETTER now. I'm sure my mom will be happy she can cut back on vaccuming a little bit....


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HAHAHAHAHA!  I have a small 6 lb purebred chihuahua, and I get handfuls that come off of him every time I brush him.  He is a mostly black tricolor and even though he is short-coat, his hairs are about 1.5" long (he has long hair in his family.  All his body fur and tail fur is very long.)  I am getting my Corgi in 5 weeks here and I already have a furminator.  Some of the best money I have ever spent!  And I know what you mean by him looking better.  My Chi's undercoat (or base of the fur) color is white, so he looks like he has salt and pepper until I brush him, then all his black majestical fur shows again.

Yess!! Before and after every bath! every weekend... everyday... hell Im furminating them righ.. ok not that far..

I will recommend it to anyone. Love furminators. Just make sure to do it right so both parties enjoy it ;)

another great product that works great is the king zoom groom! i didnt believe it until i got one though. i would look at it like yeah ok.. and i am highly impressed


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