So my husband and I noticed the other day that Kiwi likes to get inside of water bowls, not just hers, but any water bowl she finds, she puts her front paws in and starts to dig, then she puts her back feet in and splashes around. She ends up making a HUGE mess all over the floor. Does anyone else's pup do this? Just wondering, we didn't know if this was typical corgi behavior, but we're starting to think that we need to get her a baby pool. Also, if your pup does this, how do you get them to stop? Thanks!

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I think its a puppy thing. Both Chloe and Louie had the same behavior
when they were younger.

Chloe would basically step inside of the water bowl and sit in while
she was drinking from it. It was halarious at times. But a few weeks
later it stoped on its own.

Louie did the same also. now he occasionally does it but ive noticed
its only when its a hot day after a long walk.

i wouldnt worry to much from what ive heard from other dog owners I
know alot of dogs engage in this type of behavior. But most grow out
of it.

Hope this helps!
Thanks so much! Good to know that it might stop, right now it's funny, but I'm sure when she's 25 lbs, we won't be laughing anymore.
Louie, is a great name for a corgi by the way!
My last dog "dug" in his water bowl his entire life. I moved his water bowl out to the patio. He was trained to "knock once" on the door to go potty or get a drink. He would drink, then splash the rest of the water all over the patio...several times a day. Changing to a smaller water bowl might help.
Roscoe does this and it drives me crazy. Sometimes he'll just drink and leave it, but many times he'll drink, and then tip it over with either his paw or by grabbing it with his mouth and dumping the water everywhere. I should get a different bowl, I guess, that is less suited to being tipped over.
Our little one does that too, she just loves the water, she has grown out of it, but she will still ump in any creeks or lakes without hesitation.
Roxy doesn't just do this in her water bowl, but in her food bowl too...... It often looks like a dog torpedo has exploded in the dogfood bowl.
My little Eowyn use to do that ALL the time, lol! She only did it when she was young, like 6-8 months, then all of a sudden stopped. I did get her a kiddie pool and she loved/loves it still! But she doesn't do any more digging in her bowl. (Thank goodness) I was getting tired of mopping it up all the time! But I'm pretty sure she'll stop in time.
We realized that our Corgi (Epi) really enjoys water too. She is now two years old and still loves it. We took her to the lake and she jumped right in! We did end up purchasing a baby pool for her. She has dog water toys etc... She loves it! We play with her by throwing toys in the pool, and she jumps in after them. We bought the pool so she could cool off too. We live in a very warm area, so it is almost necessary. She never played in her water dish. We fostered the behavior with the pool so she wouldn't use the dish. She knows the difference. Good luck with your water lover!
My Rosie loves to do this. We just put a rug under her water bowl and let her go at it. She has so much fun doing it that we hate to stop her. I have noticed that she seems to do it mostly after she has been playing hard. Maybe it is her way of cooling now. I have always heard that dogs perspire through their feet.
my annie does this too but a little different. She sticks her whole nose in and gets a nose full and tosses her head back then trys to catch the water as it comes down on her. And if we put ice cubes in her water bowl she goes bobbing for ice then drags them to living room to play with them. Arty our 2 year old doesn't like getting her nose wet at all so when she gets a drink her nose is sitting on the bowl lid...little weird but she ok with it..she hates her baths too.
Cruise is driving us nuts with playing with the water bowl...he tips it every day and floods the kitchen. I finally attached the bowl to a piece of wood about 2feet X 2 least now he cannot flip the bowl.
We have the same problem with Wally and i actually posted this same question on our page and pretty much everyone's told me the samething, they'll grow out of it. Wally steps in his bowl without fail at least twice a day and last week he not only stepped in Mike's parents' dog's water bowl, but peed in it. We're just waiting it out =T..oh and he does stick his nose in the water as well, except he'll just leave his nose in the water and blow air bubbles. It's pretty cute to watch hehe


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