I've never owned a corgi puppy, so I don't know when or how they start perking up. Thanks!

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Puppies ears are usually up no later than 14 weeks as the cartilage "stiffens". Some pups have thicker ear leather, or need help having the cartilage set correctly, and should to be taped at 14 weeks.
Remy is about 8 weeks old and his ears are very floppy. I was just going to post thread asking this very question! Will keep watch and let you know what happens!
Cruise turned 5 months just this week...one ear was up, the other down...his floppy ear just went up about 2 weeks ago.
Ears are supposed to perk up early BUT I got my corgi when he was 3 and one of his drooped. The lady I got him from said he could put it up "when he thought about it." Well, I talked to him about it alot and held it up and massaged it for him and guess what? Eventually it started to stay up without taping it at all. So, for anyone out there with a floppy eared corgi, it can sometimes be corrected. The only time it flops down know is when he is sometimes dead asleep (he is now 12).
Some come up as early as 4 weeks and others much later. It is always my recommendation that if they are not up by 14 weeks to learn how to properly tape them. The ear size, thickness and teething process all contribute to the up or flopping ears of a corgi.
Here's something different. Has anyone seen purebred pembroke corgi ears that flip back at the top? A friend of mine has a male pem corgi who's ears have decided to flip backwards at the top like a pigs ear. He is approximately 4 months old. His ears were up perfectly fine but this past week they've started to flip back on both ears. He does have rather thin ears in my opinion. She contacted the breeder who said they've never seen it in any of their other pups or dogs (they have several generations of these dogs). My friend would like to use this pup as a new stud dog but is now afraid it may be a genetic trait and thinks she may have to neuter the dog and keep him as a pet instead. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Shelby
I know of some pups that have done this early on and the situation corrected itself as they aged. He has a long road ahead before all of his qualities would stand out as stud material. One of the many things she can watch as he grows.
Did you ever find anything out on this? I am curious to hear if they righted themselves.
Mine perked up fairly early I think, just a few days after getting him. He's right at 8 weeks.
yogi's ear came up at 9wks. the breeder and vet recommended a small amt of yogurt (1/2 teaspoon) when wetting his food. i did this from 7.5ks old and i think the calcium helped. also i heard prolonged chewing helps too. yogi started on natural hides around that time too.
My Corgi's ears became erect 3 days after I bought him. He was just over 3 months old.
I wasnt shure that JD's ears wouldnt perk up and that i would have to do something to get it fixed. But they did it on there own and they have been perked up for about a month or 2. and he is 5 months old now. So if they arnt up by the 3rd or 4th month I would start looking in to what to do.


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