My corgi is about 9 months old is is only about 13-15 pounds. Do you think this is the biggest she will get? How long did it take your corgi to grow to it's full size? I'm worried!

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Corgis can keep growing and filling out up to around 2 years. She is a little girl, and will probably end up quite a bit under the standard weight. At 9 months, she probably won't get much taller or longer, but she should fill out a little and put on a few more pounds.
Mine has just recently weighed in at 24.2 lbs. This is the most he's ever weighed! He's turning two in 13 days. : )
Oh, Lucy looks like such a cutie! Our Sidney is also 9 months old and he weighs 21 pounds. He's lean but long. There's another thread here called "when does your corgi stop growing" or something simliar. If you search for it you could get a lot of info.

try this link

Does you vet have any concerns about her weight?
he said to wait and see. hopefully she wont be this little forever.
I would only be worried if she isn't thriving. From her pictures it doesn't appear that the ribs are prominent or her belly is distended... she looks healthy. Is she active and playful or is she lethargic? At nine months she should be driving you crazy! If she is active and playful and She is likely just a petite girl. I have noticed some breeders are breeding away from the standard for a "mini" corgi. Little dogs seem to be the "in" thing. She is beautiful! My 10 month old female is a giant compared to your little girl!. Good luck and welcome to MyCorgi!
Aerion is not even 5 months and I think he weighs more than my 16lb manx cat!!! He's gonna be a stout boy
oh by the way she is darling! such a sweet loving face :)
Lincoln hits 7mos this week and he is about 21lbs.

Lincoln is lean and long .....
Yes, this is very small for a corgi pup at this age. Knowing the size of the parents would be most helpful. Have you kept a log of her weights since you have had her? Is she eating well? Is she bright, alert, playful? Does her coat look healthy? Are her eyes bright? Does she consume regular amounts of food? The answers to these questions could help you greatly. If you got her from a reputable breeder it would be great to contact them and learn about the parents as well as the growth of the siblings. It may just be that she is genetically small. If your vet has done a complete exam and finds her growth normal to this point she is probably just going to be a small girl.
Kona weighed 10lbs at six months. She is undersized like your baby. From what I have read and heard, it seems like your corgi will not grow significantly from now. I think as long as she is healthy and cute, you shouldnt worry too much.. well.. good luck with her!
My Corgi is also about that size and she's almost a year. I talked to the vet about it and she said it wasn't a problem, some are just smaller. Maybe we both got runts, but it just makes them cuter, right? Don't worry about it.
I'm starting to think Grover is going to be a HORSE! He's 4.5 months old and 17.8 pounds.
Your girl is adorable! And she looks healthy enough. If she seems happy and healthy, then maybe you just got a little one! Good luck!


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