Hey everyone
Its been a while since I've posted or login here.
I have a problem with my two corgis Hachi (female red/white 4yrs) and Jett (male, black/white 2yrs).
I find at home they are really great, calm, quiet and love playing together.

However when I take them for walks they are a real headache especially when I take them off lead.

They were socialized really well when they were pups- brought them to the park almost everyday off lead to play with other dogs.

Lately (pass year or so) they are really playful but tend to get over excited and that excitement can lead to aggression.
I don't really know what to do with them, and having two I find is even harder to control and they kind of feed off each other's excitement.

At home they do play kind of rough but they're use to each other I guess.

Any tips would be really great and if anyone else is going through the same thing and fixed the behavior would love to hear fom their experiences too!


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Don't take them to offlead parks. You're asking for trouble by doing that.

A lot of dogs do not appreciate the rough style of play that corgis enjoy and it sounds like your two are pretty full on so would be even more annoying for other dogs.

I'd work on taking them out separately and doing training with them. Just cover the basics (sit, stay, come, down) initially, so they learn to focus on you while they are distracted by the sights and smells. Then work on some loose leash walking. You need to refocus them on you and put their minds to work so they calm down.

If you have no success with this then you should contact a behaviourist/trainer before it escalates. I can ask around for recommendations if you ever need them.

I agree with the no off lead parks.  Even if yours are perfectly behaved I am not that trusting of other dogs.  As for the rough play, my two can look and sound like they are going to kill each other.  Teeth, snarls the whole deal, but they are playing.  Sometimes I just get tired of it and put them in time out to cool off, and by time out I mean confined to their carriers.  Good luck!  ^..^



Cool thanks for the tips.
I have tried taking them separately and they are much better. But it's more time constraints as I work during the day and by the time I get home it's almost dark.

But I'll I've it a go again and worse comes to worse ill have to get some help from a trainer/behaviorist.



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