Here are this year's submission rules:

1. ONE photo PER member, members only
2. Dogs only, no human or other pets
3. Horizontal photo ONLY
4. Jpg only *Minimum 2240 x 1792 pixel (4 mega pixel+). Larger the better
5. Deadline Nov 25th 2012

6. Submit your pic to (CLOSED)

Photo tips:

  1. Follow the rules above
  2. Have a month / season / theme in mind
  3. Photos must be sharply focus (eg: eyes)
  4. Keep a simple background, avoid logo / brand, your dog will stand out more
  5. Make sure indoor photos are well lit
  6. Leave the photoshop / cropping to us
  7. Be creative
  8. Get your camera and treats ready, have fun!



100% profit goes to corgi rescue as always.
There will be no voting this year, editor's choice only.
Information on pricing, shipping dates will be announced in the coming weeks.




Thank you for submitting your photos, we really appreciate your support, there is "one more thing" and I will make another announcement before Sunday Dec 2nd 2013


2013 Wall Calendar is on sale NOW, enter coupon code "DELIRITAS" and receive 51% off, (EXPIRED).

Thank you for your support, we've sold 100+ calencars in the last 24 hours.

Here's a new 25% off coupon code (remember ALL CAPS)


Expired on Nov 30th.

Dec 1st UPDATE


US Shipping deadline

Dec 7th 2012 UPDATE:


Use coupon code to get 20% off - Wall calendar ONLY


Dec 2nd UPDATE:

Okay folks, here's the "one more thing" that I've been working on.... Introducing the :

2013 Weekly Planner. Again, thank you so much for submitting your photos and supporting this project, a special thank you to John Wolff for the planner idea :)

Dec 4th UPDATE


Weekly Planner ONLY

Use the code BESTGIFT at checkout through Dec 10, 2012 and you'll get 20% off

Featuring the following corgis:

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Woohoo!!!  Photo submitted!

I submitted one too :D Really hoping that this will be my first calendar buy-with or without Ziggy! Impossible to not love all MyCorgi pooches :)

Here is are choice of photos

Can not wait for calender to come out! Just took a couple shots of Daisy next to a oak tree. :)



Please put pictures of Vienna and Mocha in.  

I agree!!

I agree with the agreeing!  You must put them in.  They are our 'Royals' here.

That would be a great tribute.  I agree!

OR put them on the cover!

I agree that they would be an awesome choice, especially for the cover!!

Photo submitted!

I submitted my photo. =]

heh - no photo to submit this year but Sam, I agree: I want to see a pic of Vienna and Mocha in this years calendar!


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