Please share your thoughts and ideas here for our 2014 Corgi Picnic!! Have something you would like to see or do, please post below!!

We have already discussed a special "Kids Only" raffle--with ticket prices lowered for just the kiddies to purchase tickets. Vicky Hyde is currently wanting information on kids ages or specific items that they would like to see on their special raffle table.

I have also gotten word that one of our previous donors from out of state is already planning on sending some items through-out the year leading up to the picnic date--last year they were the ones who donated the tiny liqueur bottle basket.

I am also planning on doing a table as you first come in that will highlight some of the picnic activities as well as people you may want to speak to, for example breeders, trainers, etc.

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The new thing among the kids at school (boys & girls both) now is those rubber band bracelets -- I can't remember what they are called --- but nearly every kid has at least one. Don't know if that will fizzle out by summer but if not, that might be an idea. Little girls love hair do-dads of all sorts. Just a couple of things that popped into my head.

great idea and I know the bracelets you are talking about.....

A friend who does paper arts made me an adorable birthday card with a corgi on it. I'm goignt o try to con her into making a set or two to raffle off.

that would be wonderful. all donations are welcome......

Send me your kids ages to: corgi

if there isn't enough interest, we will work on coming up with something else..... ideas more than welcome..... :)


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