My 5yr old Reya has been having issues with going to the bathroom outside.  this has been a recent and recurring event and it is starting to get annoying.  we let her outside in the morning and she will go.  but in the afternoon and evening she does not want to go unless you force her out the door.  and if you do get her to go outside she won't nessicarly go potty. she will fake squat and then come back in the house and proceed to leave a lake on the kitchen floor. 

 if anyone has any idea i would really appreciated it. 




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Have you taken her to the vet and had her checked for a urinary tract infection? That's usually the number one cause of household accidents in previously housetrained older dogs.
It can be scary out there :) Our dogs look up to us, as their protector, grab a leash and go out with her, let her know you're there for her. Sometimes, #1 & #2 need stimulation such as walking, if she's not getting at least 45 min a day, it'll reflect in her behaviour, corgis are herding dogs that are driven by sigh and sound, they are happy when they are fulfilled mentally and physically.
Fireworks and bad thunderstorms- are very scary this time of year for alot of dogs..My corgi I had before this every year at this time around thd 4th of July would not go outside in the evening after dark for weeks ,till he knew the loud noises were done with.. The little guy we have now is just terrified of storms and fireworks cannot get him to go out for nothing when things are bad out, we have to go out with him most times so he knows that things are ok. My Toby has been with us a short time and came from a very abusive situation and he is scared of everything so we have to show him things are ok , so our potty issues are gonna take some time yet.. Good luck -but also could be a health issue to so please have him checked by your vet.. I understand your frustration so hang in there...
Thank you for the suggestions. I think we have discovered the culpret. my husbands golf clubs have been in the back hallway since the problem started. apparently they are scary. but we have moved them so hopefully this will solve our problem.


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