Gendry is at the emergency vet being tested for a liver shunt. I've been reading up on it, but I wanted to reach out and see if other corgi owners have had this problem. It is mostly passed down through heredity. Is this something my breeder could have known about? I would like to ask them if any other puppies from their litters have had liver shunts. When I got Gendry they said the parents were tested for genetic defects and were fine. I don't want them to continue breeding dogs that are passing this on. I love him to pieces, but no one should go through this with a brand new puppy. The vet testing alone will be $2500. They surgery is anywhere from $3000-5000 with additional overnight care, follow up tests every few months, special diets and endless worries.

If anyone has been through this I'd appreciate it if you'd share your story. I'm trying to get a better picture of what we will be going through immediately and long term. Thanks.

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Hopeful everything works out okay.  Until your post, I had never heard of a "liver shunt".  Sometimes if one posts a situation such as you are facing on gofundme.com (I think that is the site.) often other dog owners will chip in a little to help with the surgery.


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