I'm curious what other people's Cardigans weigh/weighed at 8 months old, especially males, and what do they weigh now? My male 8 month old weighs just under 29 lbs and his 1 1/2 year old brother from the same father weighs 46 lbs. Granted 46 lbs is very big since they should only go up to 40 lbs but his vet said he is not overweight. The father is large as well weighing in at about 40 lbs so I would think Finnigan would get to be that size but so far I can't see how he would be unless he has a growth spurt. He's only gained about 2 lbs in the last month if not longer. His brother weighed 38 lbs at 10 months of age (that's when my Mom got him). I'm trying to guess at what Finn will weigh as an adult so I'd love to hear about your Cardis.

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Here's an old thread that may be able to help you
I wouldn't worry about it. When we got Butter he weighed 47 lbs (he was 9 years old). The vet was pleased, he was in excellent shape and had a tapered waist and we could see his ribs. He is just a larger Cardigan.

Over the past year he has gained weight and is currently at 55 lbs. We are trying to have him lose weight but haven't met with much success. The vet said he "isn't too bad". Maybe after neutering and his metabolism slowing down with age it is harder for them to lose weight.

Who said they can't be over 40 lbs? Who has the right to make that rule? It really depends on the dog's bone structure. Mine has a very large bone structure. He really is a medium to large dog. I would be happy if he were 47 lbs again. I don't like him being 55...concerned re health risks. We are hoping that with better weather that we can increase his exercise and get him closer to where he was.
Thanks for the link. I actually saw that one already and it is discussing Pembrokes so I wanted to find out more from cardigan owners.

Butter's owner,
Everything I've read about the breed as well as what various breeders have told me says that an adult male Cardi should be from 38-40 lbs at most. That's not to say there will not be some larger such as your dog and my Mom's Cardi who is also not overweight, just a big dog. I'm just tryng to see what the average size is and how other pups around the same age as Finn compare in size. Thanks for your input. :)
Honestly, Simon's at 9 months right now and weighs 28.5 lbs, and that seems about right, he's big boned and deep chested and has a massive spring of rib. (Told that by a show Cardi person who's opinion I trust, she had her hands on him. She told me a month and a half ago that he was too heavy for show; and after seeing the Cardis there, I agreed and took two pounds off of him. But that was because I'm showing. I thought he was fine without the loss, and so did my vet, but then again, I'd never had my hands on a show-conditioned Cardi. Now I know! ;) )

One of the things that I really had to learn that is different in the breeds is that they want that tuck - they really do look quite different then Pembrokes at show weight. What's a good weight/look on a Pem, not so much on a Cardi.

Does that help at all? :)

Now, mind you, there are some large, large Cardis, and some very delicate ones too, but Finn and Simon seem about the same weight body wise now... and the same age, and I've been very diligent about walking and working him. I did decide to switch his diet to Sojos, too, and that seems to have made a difference. :)
Yes, that was very helpful. :) In Simon's pictures he looks a lot more filled out than Finn. I think Finn looks a bit thin but I know he will fill out with age. Is there a weight limit for a show Cardi?
I don't think so - I think it's based on the dog's body structure. The AKC website says 25-38, but I think they'll lean towards a larger, balanced dog in good weight over a structurally unsound dog of a smaller size. (They used to with Shepherds, anyway, when I showed them.)

Seriously, you'd be rather surprised at how thin/trim the show Cardis are. I thought Simon was an okay weight until I saw them, and then I was like, "oh oh, diet!"
it wouldn't surprise me if he does go through another growth spurt or 2. remember corgis aren't mature till they're about 2 years old. so he definitely has a lot of time left. i had a thread similar to this "monster sized corgi" since i was worried about ein's size. he's huge compared to all other corgis we've encountered. it seems he might have been bred as a working dog and not much of a lap dog.
It's been 3 weeks since my last update and Finn has gained just over 4 lbs! I guess you were right about the growth spurts Ein's Mom. That's a lot to gain in under a month! He weighs 33 lbs now and I'm starting to have a hard time carrying him down the stairs. I'll be so glad when we can move into a place with a yard rather than this 2nd story apartment. :)


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