Not sure if this is the forum for this but I know of an older couple who are experienced cardigan corgi owners looking for a cardigan corgi. They loss their last cardigan a year or so ago and are now ready for another. They are interested in a dog out of the puppy stage. They live in NJ so a dog available on the east coast probably better. Any leads are appreciated. Anne

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Hi Anne, here you go.

Not sure if they're interested in shipping, but these kennels look like they have adults from the CWCCA listings: 11 month old brindle pointed black female, NC  tri female in OH  3 males (red, black, and blue) in IL blue merle female in OR I believe

This guy is in NY but the breeder seems a little weird...

They could also try contacting Joanna Kimball (blacksheep cardigans) or Sarah Davis (Wolfwood cardigans I think) and see if they know of anything else available. I think they are both on the east coast and sort of intertwine their breeding programs. Sarah Davis posts on facebook all the time so you might get a more timely response from her?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am on FB and will touch base with Sarah and Joanna. Now find out they prefer a male. So we will see if we can help steer a dog their way.

Have they found themselves a cardi yet?


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