I am relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in about a week and need to find a good trustworthy kennel or individual with whom I can board Skyler for when I am out of town.


I will be moving to the East Bay Area, specifically the Pleasant Hill / Walnut Creek area.  Where I live now, in Dallas, TX, I get to board Sky with a woman at her home with her family and dogs and he loves going over there!  (of course I pay her daily for however long I board my dog with her)  In fact I am sure Sky is always happy for when I am out of town cause that means play time for him.  I would love to find something or someone like that in my new home.  Does anyone who lives in or near that area have any suggestions for people or kennels that are good?  Thanks for any help!

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There are a lot of corgis in the Bay Area, you can use the advanced search function to look for members in the area for starters, then use yelp to locate area kennels. Good luck!
You can search PetCareServices for facilities that go through the voluntary accreditation that they have:


I'd guess you are more likely to find a traditional facility there than a small in-home boarding place, however.


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