Does anyone have ideas for what to do with a corgi who needs more exercise? Let me explain a bit. I live in Minnesota with two corgis and my husband. It is currently 7 degress and with the wind chill it is about -5. I can't take them for a walk, it is just too cold for them They go outside and play a bit, but I don't want to leave them out there too long. When it was about -30 they started hopping around because their feet got too cold on their potty break. When it is warmer they do get walks outside.

During the day they get their food in a rolling kong and they also get a peanut butter kong while at work. They haven't learned to share food, so I can't give them an activity toy with food when they are free unless I want a disagreement. Ed completely shreds any toys we give him, so we only give them stuffed toys when they are closely supervised. Basically, they need more exericse so they sleep through the night a bit better, but I don't know what else to do. We don't have a treadmill, nor can we afford one. Any advice would be great.

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Hi Tina,
Another good thing to do that I've learned from behaviorists and trainers alike, is to give them mental stimulation. Mental stimulation beats physical activity every time. Training is excellent, but also, if possible, get some Busy Buddies:

Purple flying saucers:

What I do is twist it down all the way, and cover one opening with peanut butter (or you can use cream cheese) then add kibble to the other hole with a measuring cup, then cover the hole with more peanut butter. Let them have at it! They get fed, and they are happy. Now, you may have to keep your pups in separate rooms for this, but it is worth it. You can also use the flying saucer for Buddy Oh's and Charlie Bears. You might want to keep it on tile/ linoleum b/c of the peanut butter.

I like the Twist & Treat (flying saucer) b/c it's not too expensive and you can put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. You can use treats or kibble in it. You don't have to seal it with anything, but it keeps them busier! But once they're done, pick it up and put it away. It's not a "leave out all the time" toy.

Also, this works well for us:

We have the small one, tho. The beauty of this toy is that the treat discs are about as big around as the bone. So as they chew little bits off, they have to work harder to get into the center. So if you're worried about your dog getting fat, they spend a lot of energy trying to get the treat disc out of it!!

I hope this helps. We have the SAME prob. with Kitsie - we live in WI, and it was -8 degrees this morning! No way we're taking a walk this morning! haha!
Thanks. We've started feeding them more meals in busy buddies and rolling kongs that we have. Plus they each get 1 frozen peanut butter filled kong each day. We've also started giving them occassional carrots as it takes them awhile to eat but it is healthy for them. As well as some ice cubes.

Right now it is -11. We haven't been on a walk since last Thursday-when it was actually above 0. I have this one busy buddy called the wiggle. The dogs haven't quite gotten it figured out, but maybe I should try putting that out a bit more for them.
We have only had one day above zero in the last week and a half so Josey is going cabin crazy. Our favorite of course is the laser light tag. She never tires of this game and will readily announce with bark face down and butt in the air and stubb waggin away. She loves to play the game and does not seem to get frustrated.
I grew up in Duluth, and in that climate, if you don't have something like skiing to get you outside in the winter, you go stir-crazy. I would reevaluate the assumption that it's too cold for them outside. I'd think that as long as they're moving -- chasing you -- they'll be warm enough. Check their paws. They'll need a path through deep snow.

We rarely get good snow here in Los Angeles del Norte (aka Seattle), but this weekend we were skiing all over the neighborhood, with the dogs following the ski tracks. I took Al snowshoeing once, too; deep snow is difficult for these short-legged dogs, so they need some kind of track.


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