Before this week I had never hear of Addison's Disease. Now our girl has been diagnosed with it. Does any one else have a dog with Addison's Disease? I have been reading everything I can on it. I'm wondering about diet and if a certian diet will help manage the Addison's?

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Hi. I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Your puppy sounds so brilliant and is a cutie, too!. Have you seen this site? It's a group of people with dogs who have Addisons.
Thanks! I just went there and signed up. Now awaiting approval.
How did they diagnose her? We have been watching Monty for any signs as he had some signs of it this past summer but seems to be doing ok now. However it is hard to tell. I know there is a blood test but our vet wanted to wait to see if it was just a one time thing or if it continues.
It was hard to get a firm diagnosis. She has been "off" for the past 6 weeks or more. She'd feel down then get OK. 2 weeks ago she had a complete blood work up. A D didn't show up. She just went down hill even more. Until she was vomitimg and stopped eating all together. She even stopped eating chicken. She couldn't jump up and was weak in her rear legs. She would shiver and had muscle tremors. Monday she was hospitized and IV was started. Blood work was again sent in. This time both tests came back A D. In the past 2 weeks she showed EVERY symptom. She weighted 31 pounds a month ago and now she is 25 pounds. Her hair coat is dull and falling out (more than normal). She didn't want to go on our walks anymore. She just felt awful. She was in the hospital 2 days and now is home now and felling better, but still has a long way to go. She will get an injection every 28 days of Percorten-V for the rest of her life.Alos for the next 2 weeks she will get 2.5 mg of Prednisone. Then we will go back into the vet and see how she is doing.
Go to"> there is a lot of information here.
Keep us posted on how she does with the treatment, and also if the group on the addisondog website is helpful, once you're approved. We are thinking of you and Scooter.
Scooter is feeling better and has started eating again. She is far from back to normal , which I understand she will when we get her meds regulated. Her weight was down from 31 to 25.6 but yesterday she weighted 27.1. It looks like this is going to be a long road, but are so thankful to have her back with us again. It is so hard to see her just not feeling well. She was always so happy and now she is lethargy. She has bursts of energy and wants to play but that is short lived. Getting the meds regulated is the key. The first week in April we will be running another Electrolyte Test. I'm hoping they will be closer to the normal range.
I joined the support group addisondogs and they have been so helpful!! They seem to know this disease inside and out. They have been answering all my e-mail within a few hours. I'm very thankful for their help.
oh great, I'm so glad that website is helping. It seemed like a good one, but you never know, do you. Glad she's feeling better too. I know, it is hard when they are low, because they can't tell you what's wrong and you just feel so helpless. But it sounds like you are giving Scooter the best care possible, and she's so lucky to have you (and vice versa, I'm sure!). Good luck and keep us updated as she improves.
She has an appointment for a lytes test on the 3/31. Tha will be day 14 since we started down this bumpy road. Today is feeling well enough to chase field mice! She has felt like that for 2 months. So she is feeling better. Thank Goodness... And thank Goodness for the staff at Thay are so helpful!!
I will post her test results when I get them.
Yesterday our local club had a get together. Scooter spent most of the 2 hours in the shade watching the other play. That was until an intruder came by (we had it at a dog park so it was ok for others walked by). Then she had to go say HI. Then back into the shade. I was afraid yesterday might be to much for her, but she seems fine this morning. The girls at said she can't live in a bubble and they ALWAYS seem to be right!! Thanks goodness we have them!! Tuesday is test day and hopefully that will be a good as well.....
I'm glad she had a nice day with the "guys" and it sounds like she self-limited her activities to what she felt up to doing. Good luck on Tuesday, hope the news is good!
Scooter went to the vet and had a great lytes test. She is almost back to normal levels. (Na 162 K 4.8 Ratio 33.75) She now hates the vet office. She walked in OK but it started her tremors. So I hope she will still be OK in the morning. Anyway now I have to start playing with the amount of meds she gets. That scares me!! I have to lower the Predinsone from a 1/2 a 5 mg tab to 1/4 of a 5 mg tab per day. I've gone through 4 pills tonight and can't get the 1/4's even!! So I'm going to see it the vet will call my pharmacy with an order of 1 mg. Then I just go back to the 1/2 tab again. I have a pill cutter I can use for the 1 mg tabs.
She is still losing weight. She is down from 31 before she was sick, to todays weight at 26.6. So I'm uping her food amount again too..
She really getting back to her old self and wanting to play. This afternoon she took a short piece of sprinkler pipe from my husband, who is installing sprinklers in our new backyard, and she started running with it. In the house around through the kitchen into the bedroom and back through the living and outside around him and then started another round!! It's so good to see her play again!!!
Yay! yay! so glad to hear it's going well for all of you. Good luck with the med adjustments -- it will be nice for her to be on as low a dose as possible, I'm sure. YAY!


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