Before this week I had never hear of Addison's Disease. Now our girl has been diagnosed with it. Does any one else have a dog with Addison's Disease? I have been reading everything I can on it. I'm wondering about diet and if a certian diet will help manage the Addison's?

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Gosh I'm so glad to hear she's doing better. Yes, I know what you mean, though, about not wanting to upset the delicate balance with a trip. Good luck, and keep us posted and your progress with the steroid decrease.
I'm glad you guys found each other. How is Scooter doing? And I wish you the best of luck with Muffin, I'm sure it will be okay once you can get a handle on it.
Hi Susan, Scooter is back to her old self! Thank goodness~~ I have started lowering her Pred. She is now down to 1mg in the mornings. Do you know anything about Percorten-V? The vet started Scooter with 1 mg IM. I want to change her to SubQ. I wonder if I will have any problems if I do this.
I don't know how different that would be -- I'm sure the K9/Addisions Dogs guys would know, though. That's nice that you could lower the dose, good to hear. When I saw the post on Muffin, I just knew you two needed to speak, thanks for helping them.
Scooter is feeling 100% back to her old self. We are in Morro Bay now. She is running on the beach, chasing seagills and swimming in the tide pools. I have lowered her Predinsone to 1 mg and will start next week lowering it again to .75 mg. She got her DOCP shot yesterday and we lowered it by 10%. So far so good!! She has gained back all the weight she lost. I just wish she would get her old haircoat back. People ask me if she is a fluffy. Not that there is anything wrong with being a fluffy but she had sure a pretty coat before. But as long as she is happy and feeling good I can put up with the long coat for sure!
I haven't heard from Muffin. I wonder how she is doing?
I'm so glad to find the support here as well as on since Bryson's also just been diagnosed with Addison's...

As "rare" as it's supposed to be, there're now at least 3 of us here (Scooter, Muffin and Bryson) suffering from the same thing, makes me wonder how common this really is? And since Bryson's diagnosis last week, I've been reading everything I can find online, and sounds like in certain breeds (like poodles), there's a definite genetic component to it. This worries me since as Bryson used to be a show dog, he's sired a few litters of puppies, and both of his parents are still breeding... I asked the breeder about it and she said she hasn't seen Addison's in any of the dogs in their line (or even in any corgis she know of).

Does anyone know if Addison's just an unlucky incident in corgis, or if there's any genetic/ environmental component to it? I just want to make sure that in addition to treating him with steroid supplements, if there's anything else we can do to help him live healthier, or help others in his family prevent it or identify it early, that we don't miss it..

By the way, Bryson's pulled an almost miraculous recovery with just 4 days of treatment! We were so worried when he wasn't eating or responding to us, thank goodness his competent team of vets correctly diagnosed him at this early stage.

To check up on Bryson's battle with Addison's, you can always visit him on our blog here :)
I just found out my dog Gus has this, too. The vet said it was due to adrenal failure. I'm at a loss for what to do about feeding, etc. She did give us a steroid and said this would help control the problem.
I can't wait to hear what she has to say about *our* disease. If you can, see what her thoughts are on diet and supplements. I also live in the sticks and I don't feel my vet has as much knowledge as I would hope for. Scooter has been on Canidae for the past 7 years.
We'll be waiting for your next posting!
That would be great if you could find any information on your tag company. I was able to find a company on line that imprints on both sides of a tag. So I can make up one that way if I need be.
Boy I could think of so many questions to ask Dr Cone! I have NO vets in my area that have treated more than just a couple ADogs. So no one really know anything. I asked my vet a question and his standard answer is, Well the *book* says this or the *book*" says that and we need to go by the *book*. What *book* this is I don't know. But I do know each dog is different in their needs. When do you plan on visiting Dr Cone?
Well have a enjoyable and safe 4th of July ....
Hey Kellie and Ritamarie- sorry to hear that you guys are both dealing with Addison's with your corgis! But like Kellie said, after the initial shock that there's something "wrong" with your dog, it is a very manageable disease.

I ditto everything Kellie said, especially about trying to get as much info/ support as you can from Addison's groups online. The one we belong to is the yahoo group Kellie mentioned: (part of, a wealth of Addison's related info). From there, we found a bunch of useful info, e.g. where's the cheapest place to get Percorten (1-800-petmeds and ask them to match Medi-Vet's price of around $130/bottle). Plus it's reassuring to know that so many people are dealing with the same thing and handling it beautifully, it gives you confidence that with time, it'll become part of your routine (like taking a multivitamin every day.... well, sort of).

Bryson's now on 0.9mL of Percorten every 25 days (our vet seems to think the 25-day cycle works better), and we're trying to figure if we can do the shots at home. I'm a pharmacist by training and I've given people flu shots for years when I was in practice, so I'm hoping we can manage that. Anyone doing that with experience to share?

He's still on 1.25mg of pred/day, we hope to eventually titrate it lower, but I'm due to give birth to our 1st baby in 1.5 week (!!) and I think he might need that while we transition to a family of 4 ;) In fact, I need to go on the yahoo A-dog group to see if anyone's dealt with a situation like this, and how they manage the steroid dose...

And Kellie- thanks for reminding us to get a vet alert tag and an emergency stash of prednisone for Bryson! I haven't even thought about that amidst all the baby-related craziness.... Where did you get your vet alert tag?

Ritamarie- hang in there with Gus! As long as you follow the vet's recommendations on meds and testing, and try to read up on Addison's online, he'll do just fine. It only took Bryson about 2 weeks post-diagnosis to be back to his old self :) We also didn't change his diet, apart from the beginning when he had no appetite, we had to give him cottage cheese/ rice, he's back to his old diet and doing fine. But I've also heard that some people switch their Addison dogs to a "raw diet" coz it's healthier and less likely to cause weird immune reactions (which is believed to be a cause of Addison's). But with a new baby at home, I'm not sure we're quite up to handling raw meat anytime soon...

Good luck to all the Addison's corgis and their peeps!

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