My Muffin is being tested for Addison's Disease. Is anyone familiar with this disease? I am scared to death!

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I would try to google it. I've not heard of it. Hope all comes out well and your Muffin does not have it.
So sorry to hear Muffin is ill. I hope there is nothing to worry about.
There's another Corgi family suffering from the same diagnosis -- see this thread. Also, there's a wonderful online group called Addisons Dogs who can give you lots of good info and support. Good luck! It IS manageable -- Carolyn and Scooter can tell you all about it.
How are you and Muffin doing? I hope you're seeing some improvements with her treatment, and your baby is getting back to her old self.
She is improving. Still drinking more than usual. Her appetite is great! We're having a storm right now so shes's kinda stressed. The day before she was diagnosed with AD, we had a thunder storm and she was trembling really bad. She's much more calm during this storm. I think her meds are working. I'm takine her back this week to check her lytes level. Hope it's good. Thanks for asking.
Addison's is insufficient adrenal steroids. It can certainly be life-threatening but is very manageable with daily oral medication or (usually better) monthly injections. May be costly to treat. If you have concerns, feel free to email me.


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