(ADOPTED) I found a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi on Petfinder in Tucson, AZ. Will anyone here want him?

His name is Monty and it seems he doesn't like little children or other dogs, so maybe no one here can take him, but it's worth a shot!


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He is so handsome!
Awwww. what a cutie!!! I love brindle cardis. :)
I have tweeted it out to all my friends on Twitter. I hope it helps get him a forever home. I wish he liked others I live just outside Tucson! He's soooo cute!
Thanks! I hope he finds a home too. He looks so sweet. If only he liked other dogs!
What a beautiful boy, would love to have him, wish he liked other dogs
He is a very handsome boy. I called Kelli and she told me he was already adopted. Hope this new home works for him but I am sure you miss him already. The right one will come I am sure.


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