we are so excited because tomorrow we are going to adopt a 1year old black and tan dachshund for teddy to have as a play mate and we have been looking to adopt another dog just wasnt ready going through puppy training so this works out awesome! plus hes house trained, which is remarkable for the breed lol  we had one before but he died expectant and my hubby was very upset as he was his dog.

we went to the spca yesterday and when me and him locked eyes i felt something, i know its weird but it was like it was fate and i started to pet him and he was very sweet and was giving me kisses. when it was time to leave i talked to arthur about it and decided to go back today as he was still there. there was a couple looking at him but were mad and didnt want him because they wanted a female (who cares...) so i snatched him up and put him in the "getting to know each other room" he got into my lap and snuggled me and just kept looking into my eyes. i knew right then i had to get him. so sweet and gentle. just feels like fate to have him. the funny thing is 3 volunteers there knew we wanted him very badly but we didnt have the money to pay the adoption fee at that moment since we just got back from DC, so they put him on *secret hold* till we get paid tomorrow! i couldnt believe how nice and willing they were to help. they were just happy that he was getting a new home as he could be put to sleep with in the week or so. so once my hubbys pay goes through we are going to bring the little guy home. 

deep in my heart i would really want another corgi as we talked about getting a cardigan but i am saving his life and other dogs as well and we get a wonderful dog:)

so everyone we cant decide what to name him! lol we want air force names or just military names in general as my hubby is going into honor guard which only a few get selected. so far we are thinking of chief or sarge 

thank u!

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Congrats on rescuing a wiener dog, or as our mini-wiener dog Holly tells me, she is not a wiener dog but "A noble Dachshund!" Gromit and Holly are best buds to the degree that Holly, a more serious dog, can be happy with a frappy Corgi. Anyway, they make a great pair.

As for a name, I suggest something German, perhaps from German aviation history: Gotha, Baron, Luft, Flieger, Bolke, Strom, Voss, Rumpler, but probably not Fokker. ;-) Google "German aviation history" and see what you come up with.

Lol yea probly not the best name:P we actualy named him major as that's my hubbys goal for job. I think dachies and corgis are a wonderful pair. He really is sweet and always wants lovings lol that is such an adorable picture:) they look so cute together! And thank u, I'm happy to have him outta the shelter and into our loving home:)
"Major" is an excellent name. As the proper dignity for a noble Dachshund!
Thank u=)
I know you have the name of Major, but he could always be Major Zoomie! Here I am, rocking the boat again!!!
Lol nah, I like that!:) "here comes major zoomie!" Haha


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