Eddy just finished his pinkeye eyedrops yesterday, but he has had some diahrrea since we took him to the vet for it a week ago! He seems constipated at times, other times has a regular-looking poop, other times diahrrea. No blood so far, no uncontrollable diahrrea, no multiple vomiting, no excess sleeping. Could the stressful week have triggered this?

I usually rush to the vet, but I haven't because his appetite for food, water, and play have not changed, and it seems like a weird timing/coincidence that he just had this pinkeye simultaneously - like it was just a bad chain of events or something. We gave him a dollop of organic canned pumpkin 4 times over the past 5 days, and it doesn't seem to help so I'm going to stop. Feeding him dry kibble vs kibble-soaked-in-hot-water makes no difference. Finally, he puked up a little hairball thing with grass in it this morning but has not puked again. He is not lethargic or glazed-eyed, he is my regular old cute playful puppy.
My Plan.
I am planning on not feeding him for 12-18 hours and giving him water w/ Pedialyte. Then easing him through a bland diet before re-introducing his food. Focusing on his symptoms, I found this info online from multiple sites. Does anyone have experience with these methods / think I'm crazy and need to go to the vet / have a better idea / have any good home remedies other than rice with chicken?

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