Molly got her rabies shot today and has been hell on short legs. A few hours after the shot she got so hyper she wouldn't even listen to me when we went through her before food ritual of sit and lie down. Its been crazy. Normally I put her in her play pen and she plays with her toys quietly, today she hasn't stopped whining and barking when she's in her pen. She also hasn't stopped moving, when she want barking she was walking in circles in her pen and wouldn't stop unless I distracted her with one of her its 2 am and she still hadn't stopped the hyperness. Normally close to bed time she and I cuddle up cuddle up on the couch and she doesn't make a peep. I don't know what to do about it. We've also had 2 accidents in the house since the shot and she's been doing so well.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I would definately call the vet in the morning and see what they say about this behavior.  I haven't experienced anything like this with lance as a pup.   When in doubt, always call the vet. I wouldnt worry about the accidents, even though shes been doing really well, shes going to still have accidents,  her bladder isnt fully matured yet.

It wasn't like her normal accidents where she sneaks off to do the deed, but it was like she peed her pants. Right at my feet. She seems her normal happy self, but so hyper and needy. But then when she gets her attention she tries to run away. I'm just trying to figure this out. She is driving us nuts
I called the vet and she said its normal. But that it doesn't happen in every dog, but Molly must be super special to keep me up until 4am o.o

She's doing ok now, she only whined when I made her sit before breakfast. When I woke her up, yes I have to wake her up. She's really lazy after all of the pacing and whining last night, she had really gross eye boogers. The lovely baby poop green color. When I asked the vet, she said it could just be a reaction to the heart worm pill, so I shouldn't worry unless it happens again tonight

glad to  hear Molly is doing better now! 4 am both have to be exhausted today!!  Just keep an eye on her and if you feel like something still isnt right, go with your instincts and call the vet back if needed.  Sometimes we know our dogs/and kids better than the vet/doctor!!  I also would keep a log of her reactions after shots so you have notes to look back on. 

Was the heart worm medication given at the same time as the rabies vaccination?  I've read that rabies vaccinations should not be given with other vaccines. Maybe this also applies to pesticides such as heart worm pills. Just a thought.

That might have been what it was. She's her normal self now :) after 6 calls to the vet and having to give Molly water through an eyedropper, she's alright!

Glad to hear all is well!


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